A Podcast About Bitcoin: The Bitcoin Echo Chamber


Guys a launched a new podcast called The Bitcoin Echo Chamber and episode 2 just dropped. You can check it out here.


Also available on lots of various podcasting services which you can find on the website. Let me know what you guys think!

All content will also still be available on DCTV, if you guys would rather see my receding hair line.


Awesome! I love this. Great stuff my man. Can’t wait to hear more!


Episode 3 of the Bitcoin Echo Chamber is now live. This episode is a remaster of my interview with Justin Moon on his BUIDL bootcamp for aspiring Bitcoin coders.



Just dropped the 4th episode of the Bitcoin Echo Chamber, a remaster of my interview from January with Andrew Torba Founder and CEO of @ getongab about Gab’s experience with censorship and Bitcoin as free speech money. Check it


Just downloaded your JW weatherman episode.


Episode 5 of the Bitcoin Echo Chamber just dropped. This one is with my good friend @peter talking about his Bitcoin Lambo and the many products he’s built in the Bitcoin space.


wow awesome, cuz self props for the youtube videos and web apps arent on every other dctv video… and rehashing the novelty of the lambo needs more time in 2019…

bravo, super original


Terribly sorry to hear about the urine in your cheerios. Maybe try to eat around it?


No worries. Sometimes it’s good to remember the good times. And appreciate the work that has transpired.


Ahh the local troll has to move to new threads because they get ignored on the others


Episode 6 of the BEC is here!
Lightning Koala and I got together to talk about what it’s like to develop applications on top of Bitcoin’s second layer, challenges facing lightning development, and Koala Studio’s role moving forward. Don’t miss this one!


Episode 7 of the BEC just released today with jeff vandrew . Really enjoyed this discussion, we talked about tax protecting Bitcoin with a retirement account without giving up your private keys and his patreon alternative project librepatron.


Great Topic @heavilyarmedclown! Thanks for interviewing Jeff.

Some things: Jeff said it correct…“You must be the 'M-A-N-A-G-E-R” of the LLC (not just a ‘Member’)

In 2017, I hired BroadFinancial to do it and they made MadisonTrust (thier prefrered vendor) the Manager and me a Member.

This might sound minor, but, the Manager can terminate it’s members. The Manager can legally dictate where the funds go. Even if you hide them, and audit will uncover them and it’s theft if you stole the funds from the LLC and they can legally force you to pay the amount back.
In short, you can be legally screwed out of your funds.

I think more people like Jeff Vandrew should speak up and show folks how to do this legally and properly.

Jeff - I’m a software/automation guy…I would gladly help you find a better way to replicate your effort and get this out to more people and shut down places like BroadFinancial and BitcoinIRA

In My Opinion DO NOT USE BroadFinancial & BitcoinIRA

PS. I’m not a novice…I’ve been in finance since 1997 and worked at a multitude of Investment firms, banks and tax companies.


Brad I’m glad you liked the episode. You should reach out to jeff on twitter or his email at his website. He is a really cool guy.


Thanks! I just sent him linked in invite…but I’m going to reach out to him. I feel he has the best grasp on things and do the most good.


I called you out several times in todays video :slight_smile:


I saw it Peetuh! Thanks for the shoutouts


The newest episode of the BEC is here. BEC008 with Max Hillebrand of the World Crypto Network. Max and I get into the dirty details of Wasabi Wallet and the importance of privacy in the digital age. Check it out


Episode 9 of the BEC is on deck! I’m joined by my friend Rollo McFloogle to talk about the free market and state suppression of trade…also what a post bitcoin world might look like. Check it


A new rabbit hole, diving in!
Thx U heavilyarmedclown.