A positive thing ive noticed over the past few weeks

volume is becoming more consistent. on the 1 hr chart, and even the 6h chart for BTC we’re seeing a lot less spikey bs manipulation moves and more slow and steady gains (in the short term). these single candle moves for the past 5/6 months are very unhealthy and then the way volume more or less dies entirely inbetween the spikes


I think this is due to us leaving a significant danger zone

Here’s my TA from a few days ago

When the slightest move down could signal massive price drops you tend to get shaky markets you will have less steady moves due to fear and uncertainty

However compare this to now

Multiple resistances are turning to support and this makes for far more stability


Interesting. I’m not really on the same page with the take. Fairly certain we will test ~7600 and then decline to 4-5000 before we see an end to the bear market.


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