A question for those who have been through bitcoins previous "deaths"


Previously after a crazy crash,

Was bitcoin slowly forgotten?

Did the hype around it fade?

Did trading volume disappear?

Because I feel this happening right now and I love it

It feels like the week hands and get rich quick people are shaken out and now $BTC has time to build without unwanted noise

A good 3-5 years of this would be great

Disclaimer: This is ALL FOR SPECULATION ONLY and food for thought. I never trade or invest on feelings nor do I advocate it.


Yes, it ebbs and flows between savior and laughing stock in the technology sphere based on it’s price.
Yes, the public only hears about it or cares when the “not investment advisors” in the media are covering it. Traders have so much they can trade easily, especially now-a-days. They will stop trading Bitcoin if it gets stagnant, reducing volume even further.
And yes, though there were far fewer ways to trade it then there are today.
Have a look at the historical timeline. Halvings, moments that Bitcoin’s cornerstone traits shone (Greece), and US legislation seem to have the biggest impact.

Today, Bitcoin can kick off in bigger ways than it has in the past though. Continue to cost average.


Agree growth without hype which is inevitably followed by bust would be good, but guess we won’t see this until Bitcoin matures and real world use increases