A Thread on Invacio ICO



I have just watched the You Tube summary on Invacio, here:

Interesting that there have been no further comments on this thread following the posts above from the team, and mentioning the involvement with the UN.

The project looks viable and AI is without a doubt going to play a HUGE part in our future ( even, as the You Tube clip, points out, this future may be dystopian in nature)

Has anyone got any further thoughts on this, or is the popular opinion that this is Bitconnect in nature?


@peter @john It would be good to get your thoughts on this.


their supply is now 45-55 M tokens


What was the supply before?


Their website is MESSED UP! lmfao, it was a disaster and progressively got worse page by page.

  • Very little info on what product they produce
  • the use of the UN name and involvement with them with Zero proof
  • over half of the team members pictures had moving blocks over their faces so you could not see them
  • pages wouldn’t load properly
  • they had pictures of all the videos from YouTube’s Unbox Therapy on the last 2 pages I checked out before I left laughing.