A trading bot?!


Hi guys,

What are your views on trading bots?
Are they recommended? Which ones are the ones to go for?


https://youtu.be/4NQ36Mnjjbs - Would love your feedback!

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What is your experience with this bot @binici?

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I am beta testing for the team. See screen shots of how slick the interface is. We’d love your support and possible collaboration would be awesome when they roll out the feature live.

I’ve been tweaking and enjoying setting up different variables for the bot(s). Haven’t lost initial investments, other than the BCHSV delisting debacle that happened today.

Seriously, it’ll be as easy as buying cryptos from Coinbase (punch some numbers in, set some params and click “run”).

Currently only allowed to test against Binance, but any exchange with open API’s will be allowed and we can only trade up to $500 for the beta (although I found a loop hole :p)

Message me for more details!

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