A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin


I love my cryptonation. So much so, you need to hear it from me. And, I don’t mind reminding all of you from time to time.

Do. Not. Sell. Your. Bitcoin.

You only BUY.

We only look for solid entry points even if it is mere fraction of 1 BTC. It saddens me so much when I read, hear, or watch anyone sell their ticket to the big show.

I can claim all great data for this, and there is enough statistical fact, growth trajectories, increase usage, increase consumption, spread, corporate adoption, govt adoption, country adoption, etc etc. But I won’t go there. These are all 100% true. Don’t believe me? Put in the work. Research it. Tell me I’m wrong.

I’m going to tell you straight.

Bitcoin is the mothership. It has outlasted coins year over year over year. It’s what all other currencies pair and trade to. It’s deflationary. It’s capped. Simple supply and demand economics can find absolute reason to believe in a $1M+ valuation in 20+ years… but only if. You are willing to HODL that shit for the longest grind known to man.

Since 2011, I’ve seen my first major purchase of my precious BTC go from $2.52. $2 fucking dollars!!! To over $4000, live! With my Beloved Cryptonation.

Maybe you weren’t there. Watch it:

Do you see my excitement? That excitement is born from 7 years in this game, 3.5 of them seriously as a trained scientist (I changed my entire career to focus on this!)

I can’t somehow import my last 7 years into anyone’s frontal cortex. I can’t convince people.

But. If I could. You would know with 100% conviction why I cost average Bitcoin:

Yes, I have inter-coin traded from Bitcoin profits and sold Bitcoin profits, I have traded bitcoin for products and services when I reach little moon goals (and sometimes you deserve it!), but never my precious 1 BTC ticket! I’ve even exchanged on occasion for that filthy fiat. I’m guilty of that. Those sins should be deeply considered, and maybe the :doge: of all Dogelords will forgive me when I sit at his throne on the gray :new_moon:

This is a small treatise on my beloved Bitcoin.

The seats are aplenty. The reservations list growing. People are being awarded their ticket to the big show. The infrastructure is ready. The spaceships soul is rumbling. It’s hungry. :rocket:

Do not sell your 1 BTC ticket. Ever.

For the love of Doge.


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i am lonely in my country , the idea of crypto currency doesn’t existe bro hhh Damn it’s a shame , keep it up Bro , :sunny: :wink:


I think BTC is end game, all the other coins is to help you accumulate more BTC at the end of the day.


I agree with you 100%. I lost GAINZZZ because I thought selling at 3400 was a perfect time.


This give me great encouragement Peter, my goal is to get that Ticket to the Moon; I was being distracted by the Alt Coins but, I am using them to climb that latter to get in to the seat in the space ship before it takes off with out me. I only have 4 coins in my mind that right now are valuable and I hold only 3 of them.


I’ll take the pledge! HODL for 20 years


Liking this shit… Liking this shit. Thanks Peter.


Dang @peter are you telling me the BTC on this Large Pizza w/ 3 Toppings I spent my BTC is going to be worth more? It was only 0.0034 BTC :cowboy_hat_face:


slowly but surely…thanks for the inspiration speech…

pinned #11


can’t go wrong on pizza


Taking a pledge with you guys! For the love of doge!


When in doubt, HODL!


I guess the only time to “sell” is if your buying into an alt coin, but that should only be for gainz, profits should go back to btc at some point


really really genuine and inspiring… thanks for inspiring the whole community!


Peter what are your thoughts on trading with BTC on bittrex or other exchange. Would it be better to use some other form USD/ETH to do so? Is it worth the HODL every satoshi possible?


I only trade with btc on profits from btc. I never sell my principle. Which… tbh. At this point is impossible for me because my principle is a $2 investment… lol.


Peter, you are so encouraging! Thanks for gifting us with your passion and knowledge and research and time. I have .3 of a bitcoin and working on more…wish that I had decided to LEARN more a long time ago instead of thinking IT WAS TOO LOFTY A CONCEPT FOR MY BRAIN TO FIGURE OUT. Little did i now that there were people like you who would have guided me…had I just started my research. Folks, START!


Thanks for your response! makes sense play with house money one may say. On a random note, I Saw you on data dash live stream last night you’re a class act. Love how passionate you are about cryptonation. Keep doing what youre doing!


Just the fact that you wrote this, this means that you care so much about us. Thank you :slight_smile: