A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin



Me here at the pub this morning. I’ll never forget that stormy seas video Peter did back in the fall with that damn pirate hat on.

That was when I learned how to hodl. Hahaha


I’ll put it in again someday. Maybe today.


Anything can bubble, even currencies.


My partner won’t let me put anymore money in unless I can prove to her that I can exit out at anytime needed. What should I do? I told her it’s possible to get your money back but it would be a loss for me…

I’m going dca anyways but I don’t want to get in trouble lol the struggles


How about you take out a small amount to prove it - that way it shows that the withdrawal process is legit.

You can also point out the fact that if no one could withdraw then it would be all over the news. With the news loving “hit pieces” especially when they’re negative regarding cyptos, there would be no way something like “unable to withdraw/cash out” would be missed.


Do you think it would be better if I maybe just buy neo then accumulate gas to withdraw? That might take awhile though won’t it? Hmm


I think when the market has another run up I would take a small amount out then to show her it’s real.

That way if it goes up even more you didn’t miss out on too many gains and if it goes down when you put it back in you’ve increased your position.


I wish you the best.


oh that might take some time to prove a point… lol still worth making some interest though.
now not sure how i should divide my $2500

im thinking long term.

30 % btc
70 % icx

but i also want neo… hmm


And ETC. Don’t forget that. Solid fundamentals.


Some seem to defend ETH strongly


Oh what to do… just want to diversify
But also want to hold more btc


After looking into eth and peters videos I see why people are seeing it not being favourable compared to etc


Take a vacation. :wink::grinning:



right now crypto and bitcoin is about as exciting as watching paint dry The gains are extremely minimal Got to the point where i stopped following the market altogether


What do u mean the gains are minimal it’s just gone up 100% in two weeks . U could of doubled ur postion and then wait for the entry point again


I bet you tell people to slow down after they crash


Not sure what u mean but 100% in 2 weeks is phenomenal growth. Especially in a bear market


That your captain obvious. Your special power is retro-cognition. If only you could see the future your powers wouldn’t be so useless and condescending