A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin


You would have been rich…so you would have been able to cover it!


Hows that ‘never sell your BTC’ working out for you Peter…:thinking:


Doh! stop believing this nonsense. 20k was nothing but a massive pump. It might happen again, it might not. The point of Crypto was to create a usable currency everyday people can use daily that is not controlled by government. BTC since segwit and the corrupt core team involvement has shown its all smoke and mirrors. BTC cannot be used as a daily currency - which was the entire point of its creation. Maybe, just maybe BTC will die and a crypto currency that can be used as daily currency will take its place - there are a number of good candidates. Do that and yes we will see the value of XXXXXX Coin reach far higher than 20k. Do it not and this is all gambling - repeat rinse. Essentially, BTC is the one holding all the good stuff back.


It’s working out fantastic. I love it!




I think before a cryptocurrency coin can be used as daily currency, it need to be a store of value first. Bitcoin has never been stabled in its price yet thus proving that it is still growing in pain. Once it reach its maxium growth than we can all use it. And that’s why its the mothership.


the way things are going lately with crypto i think i am better off with sports betting Bet against the Mets all season or bet the Yankees Its money in the bank and best DCA for the dollar


What happens when a baker in Mumbay decides to accept 1/1,000,000th of a bitcoin for bread just because he wants some bitcoin?


I agree that its best to HODL, but Bitcoin should also be used as well. The more people use it to purchase items/services and transfer money, the value will increase.


Use and replace. Definitely the best option.


Never sell BTC, Doge, Rdd, GNT, FUN, I could go on “,”


First hour on the Pub and I couldn’t be happier . This was a great read . Thank you Peter. Look forward to being a part of the BTC Pub Family. I also agree that a 20 year hold is the best play for your future self.


ive watch ur video when btc going to 4000 it really inspires me more to dca bitcoin…thank you ma men for inspiring us…


i envy u and most of the people who was present when bitcoin started i hope it was never to late for us to get bitcoin more power guys!


still to this day, never sold mine.


we back at 3400 as we speak, buy them back :slight_smile: