A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin


I concur, so what types of goals do people have, im interested in everything from the baby hodlers to the big whales.


Hmm I’m honestly unsure on what I want to do next, after hearing from difference sources and remembering back to the time that BTC almost broke 3k but then sunk to 1.9k due to FUD, I’m assuming that a rinse and repeat process is happening right now.

I am soon heading for boot camp so I will be out of the game for 8 weeks so right now what my strategies are (still undecided)

  1. Spreading my portfolio into what I truly believe in (30% BTC / 30% NEO / 20% LTC) and ride the stormy seas while I am gone.
  2. Splitting off into 40% NEO 60% LTC until the BTC drops down to possibly 3.75k, and then as it hits 3.75k I will transfer all of my LTC into BTC and have it ride the wave up while I am away

I am still looking around of several plans but having 2 weeks left until I go, these two are on my mind.


Enjoy boot camp. I think it’s wonderful you can get away for a while?..


No OMG? Blasphemy!!!


Ahh yes, I can’t wait to go from dreaming about the future and all of its new technologies transitioning into 8 weeks of being secluded of the outside world haha


Thank you for serving.


Treating my Bitcoin like a “rare collector piece,” which was passed down from my “Great, Great grandfathers…fathers paper wallet


I have zero bitcoin right now because most things are recovering faster than it. I look at my entire portfolio and everything is up when comparing it to BTC. Everything except ETH. Which makes me wonder if ETH is the best deal at the moment.

When things level off I’ll trade back into BTC for more than I started with.


I started my BTC journey when it was around 2700 in June during that bull run then went through the first bear run down to 1900, I think after each bull/bear you get a little stronger, I’ve only been in alt coins though, managed to turn 1 BTC into 10 BTC through trading and have now committed to filling a war chest of BTC instead whilst only trading say 4-5 BTC and stockpile the rest for the next 3-4 years when I plan to build my first house.

At least if I spend the coins on house building Ill always have the house and not just memory of a very expansive pizza :slight_smile:

Cheers Dogelord


Ive started mine with 1k recently.
Not nervous, but feels more like,“finally…im on board, made my first step, im in the race now and not on the sidelines just watching.”



Id also like to know what your strategy was.
I think im sort of at that point now. I have a few other alt coins…also and am looking to do just that, trading toward BTC.


CENTRA has also gotten their card out.
Theres vids of it being used online now.


to be fair, if you offered me $5 eth I wouldn’t want it either…btc is another story


Never turn down free money. Plus, you need that ETH to transfer your ERC20 tokens.


because eth is a shitcoin, and i don’t even want the trouble of wasting my time trying to convert 5 bucks worth to btc


regular folks still think cryptos are some kind of high end hacker shit so they dont even want to try. but it is starting to slowly change. new generation are growing up surrounded by computers, tablets ,smarthphones … real boom in blockchain tech will be in 10 years +


That’s a really wise distinction to make. Having regular weekly BTC buy ins, and only getting into Alt coins with BTC profits.
Keep those Google Docs strong cryptofam.


I bought nlc2 at 55 sats for starters, so I was selling and swing trading that mainly, mainly just trade in the bigger ones now


the best way to improve your bitcoin worth is to invest in companies that trades BTC. that way you get paid at the end of the agreed time just for owning a crypto. it’s good


Self promo. All true tho. :doge: :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: