A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin


I’ve said before that having some bitcoin cash wouldn’t be a bad thing…


New to the group - thanks for all the great resources! Managed to get 1.5 BTC accumulated and feeling silly for having a few alt coin bags ATM… That said will never sell my BTC ever. Looking forward to diving in here. Woot!


Welcome! Make sure to introduce yourself!!


“Strength and honor”.


TO THE MOON!!! Great vid man, much love from London, England.


Hi @peter I’m new here. I have little or no idea how to start trading. But I’m determined to do whatever is takes to reach heights because my dreams scare me too much, I feel like I’m running a marathon. HELP! Smile


Make sure you start out with the beginners section!


I already have my whole 1 BTC only for me. Ready to hold it and no sell it :sunglasses:


I, Matt, hereby pledge to HODL muh Bitcoin until 2020, to where I will then grant myself the option to a) HODL another 5 years or b) cash out 10% of my position for a house and to then keep HODLing on that space ship TO THE MOON!!!


Sounds like a sound plan to me!


I only buy and hodl BTC. I’ve been buying BTC since 2011 … Every month the same amount … I’m never selling, not in this lifetime, and my only son now 22 years old promised me he will only sell if he doesn’t have children … If he does the family tradition will carry on. We HODL BTC. I convert all forked assets into BTC right away. My last name is “Holden” (no joke)!


I will forever remember this post, as pretty much this amount of BTC was my first ever purchase. Slowly but surely I’ll put in what I can into BTC regularly, and HODL on for dear life to the moon…


Thanks what is the best exchange Security and fee wise in HK and wallet. Thanks


if one holds btc and never profits how does one profit from holding it? whats the point with no end game?


You have to take this into consideration of your end goals.
Sell when you hit your goals. Just don’t touch the principle.


so a general goal would be for me to trade what i have until i acquire say a goal of .5btc above my initial investment. keep that amount in a wallet as btc and continue to trade my initial amount in alt coins to acquire more btc. once a goal of 1 btc is met i could possibly start to take profits if wanted…generally what your saying?


Yep! Generally you don’t want to sell ANY bitcoin. But if you have goals. Do it!


As a new investor to this sector, do I need to hold my BTC’s in a Trezor wallet, or is the one I’m using on Coinbase adequate for protection? My gratitude for this community -


Put it in cold storage. Absolutely.


Me n wife both new. But buying fragments. Ty peter u are good for the people. Presidential in a sense that you lead inspire and care about the people