A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin


Hey Peter, just subscribed to your YT channel. I like raw off the cuff garage approach, grimy yet informative. My question is two fold. Do you think BCH or BTG are worth picking up (for the long term) or just keep BTC well fed?

What are your thoughts on pickup some Alt coins (again for the long run) that have promising platforms or are you a staple diet of BTC, ETH, LTC with a DASH of Monero and ZCash?


All of those sound good. Long term hold … set goals for exits tho.


Sure, will do. So what Altcoins are you bullish on or is that Top secret hehe ; ]


The usual:

  • Neo
  • OMG
  • LTC
  • DOGE
  • ETC
  • Icon
  • BTC


You talk about ICON(ICX)? Because there are people who can confuse by Iconic(ICON). :slight_smile:


I hold some of those, here is my secret stash:


We need more videos and content on “Pump and Dump coins” because I’m noticing a lot of strange activity on many top 30 coins. Which have been pumped & dumped by the likes of John McAfee and similar villains.


I will keep 50% of my portfolio in BTC.


Can you explain how Bitcoin survives its high transaction fees please? Or make a video on it. Does it survive its political mud slinging with all the forks and introduction of Bitcoin Cash and all the other cryptos?


Have you ever bought an ounce of gold? “Usually”, you would pay $75 or more over spot price. So a $1,200 coin costs you $75 in “transaction fees”. It also normally takes about a week and a half to receive it. Ponder that.

Watch this video and everything by Andreas. Should ease your mind:


Will do. Thanks…


I’ve been hodling 1 BTC for about a month now with additional 0.3 BTC living as various alts.

Should I invest the 1 BTC into alts in the meanwhile or just hodl?


That 1 BTC is your ticket to the big show. You can do whatever you want with it! :slight_smile: :rocket:


Thanks for the confirmation Peter! Let’s see if I can grow this into 2 btc :rocket:.


Guys, don’t sell your btc. I am one of those losers who had around 20 btc and sold them when they were around 300$. It taught me a lot and made a better person though, I started paying a lot more attention to what is going on around!


I am totally new to this game with around £100 spare cash a month and need some advice on where to invest and how to go about this in a smart simple way thank you so much 8n advance


Invest in bitcoin and some alts :slight_smile:


I currently have .75 of a BTC and roughly .5 of a BTC in Various Alts (LTC, NEO, ICX, XRP, and OMG). My original goal was to first accumulate 1 BTC and then focus setting up some long term positions in these alts. However, now I feel like I’m fighting two battles one finally punching my moon ticket and two investing in alt coins. Would you recommend selling .25(BTC) of my alts ( except ICX) and finally punching my ticket? I want to be as disciplined as possible, however I didn’t set strict goals last summer when I started in crypto and now Im wavering on what to do.


Thanks just finding my way around the bussiness watched a couple of your videos although not sure how to do a lot yet I feel very positive that after see8ng your videos and other info again i will be fine thanks also for quick reply this site is amazing


“1” is just a number. .75 BTC is more than 95%+ of the world right now. You’re ok :sunglasses:


It’s alright for yourself, the Winklevoss twins and the likes of Ver to say ‘never ever sell your bitcoins’ and for comments to slide in from the sidelines - those that say ‘these guys will never sell their bitcoins, not at any price’ and that’s great, good for you, but you, the twins and the likes of Ver probably don’t have to think about whether they can pay the rent on time this month.
If I had a shed load of fiat, I too would never sell my bitcoins.
Please just remember that because I’ve heard the ‘never sell (your bitcoins) - a deflationary currency for a inflationary one’ line a few times and it’s a case of yeh, ok mate, erm, you are wealthy and I’m trying to get ahead (i.e. I’m skint)… whatever.