A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin


The proof is in the puddin baby. Just hodl. It’ll come back. Why even wait? Buy now.


Unlikely BTC will go down,after dips in January from its high of 20k (about 50% correction) now it will move up to catch what it has lost :grinning:


caught this video on my feed. this guy is bullish on btc, but to a 25k valuation by end of the 2018.


not anymore. lots of exchanges are opening up pairs with other coins. if people are going to jump in on this robinhood app, or even coinbase, they can buy ltc/eth and transfer for cheaper to the exchange. theyll probably even have a direct trading pair to their coin of choice.


dont forget XRP :smiley:


forgot about that :shitcoin:


Good share, thanks! What a brilliant idea to value crypto using mining rewards and transaction fees. I am bullish crypto because I believe in the revolutionary block-chain opportunity for more efficient world-wide markets. Each coin serves a unique purpose to make a specific world-wide market more efficient. Traditional investors who want a Price to Earnings ratio (P/E) should consider the booming growth rate of the underlying block-chain economy. That’s why I got my ticket to the big show; HODL!


I will never, ever sell.


Is becoming hard to hodl (JK) .
I will never sell as well. Just wish this pull back to be over.
In my opinion this pull back is pretty much orchastrated by Miners. As Antopolonous has stated, big miners can short btc, sell all of what they mine, profit from the selling and lowering the price of btc with the selling pressure.


It’s starting to look like a really nice time to buy more!


1000000% You got it. The time is now. I feels it.


You think so? I know McAffe’s mining operation sold all mined BTC pretty instantly, while not all of them do this, would it be enough pressure to cause such a dip? Maybe they timed it well with the yearly dip to make it more drastic? But I have seen many TA guys calling for $8500 - $7000 range as the target price for the correction pretty early on. Just food for thought.


do you think it will hit the 8500 support? I could see that but so far it has blown past previous support. Not entirely a concern as of yet… we’ll see where it goes. Part of me thinks it could go even lower… could… hmmmmm… all the better to buy more and HODL!!


Don’t care. In 5 years I won’t be complaining I bought at $9000 vs $8000.


pennies in comparison i suppose.


McDumbfee has 200~250 s9 asics at max, which is nothing burger. He is an idiot.


I’m all in already. I’m happy for the deep and wish that it is helpful to crush all the alts that are close to scam coin (no use, or necessity for them to exist). A stronger market full of sound projects is what we need.


This is a serious HODLer… :hulksmash:


I see some others came along to bump this thread haha. The Doge Lord warned us these days would come. Hodl boys. Leave that moon ticket on your ledger and ride out the storm here at the pub.


Absolutely. As the prophesy was foretold.