A very big thank you



Now that I have had some time to take stock and digest the weekend I wanted to make a quick post. I want to thank @peter @john and @su for putting together a wonderful weekend. also thank you @paul for documenting it.
Thank you for taking me into your home and treating me like family. Thank you to the VCs and partners who are helping make this all happen and who fed us this weekend. Thanks for all the swiggity swag. And thanks for being awesome.

I’ve been a member of many online communities and a couple of local clubs/groups, and honestly, nothing compares to this group. I feel blessed to have found you guys and I’m super thankful that I got to meet a lot of you this past weekend. I know deep down that I have made many life long friends out of this journey.

We are such a special community, never lose sight of that. You really are the family that I choose to have :slight_smile:

Have a great day everyone.


Only the best of times!


me too… been part of so many online communities… this one is just so special!


I was so glad to meet all of you! Was an awesome weekend!! DAT YEN . IOOOOO!!! ^____^


awww… that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside… bff’s :rofl:

even if you don’t chose to be my family… you’re stuck with me now bc I like Jessi :heart_eyes:


One fine day, I will see that golden ticket in my mailbox, or chocolate bar. Until then, my nose will be near the grindstone community building! Looks like the good energy is through the roof! Congratulations!


I was looking at cars… missed pic. fail.