presents Super Friday Jackpot ||Win 0.01BTC||


What is Super Friday Jackpot?

Guess the ETH price at 2 pm on Friday.
Whoever has the closest guess will win 0.01BTC given by ABCC!

How to Participate?

  1. Follow @ABCC_Exchange on Twitter;
  2. Retweet the pinned post with your guess of ETH/USD rate between 8pm on Thursday and 10am on the following Friday;
  3. Submit this form to record your entry;
  4. If your guess is the closest to the actual price, you will win the 0.01BTC as rewards.

Please note : Rewards will be deposited to the winner’s ABCC account once it is registered and activated.
The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded while submitting the form.

Terms and Conditions
• The campaign starts on 10 May and will take place every Thursday •
• The campaign starts on Thursday at 8pm and closes on the following day, i.e. Friday at 10am (UTC+8) •
• The rewards for the winner is 0.01BTC. The winner will be announced and contact once the campaign finishes that week •
• The benchmark of the price point is the same Friday at 2pm (UTC+8) •
• ABCC official account will contact the winner on Twitter with a congratulation message •
• The rewards will be deposited by 6pm next Friday (UTC+8) •
• The benchmark for the price is CoinMarketCap •
• If you submit this form, it means you have agreed with the terms and conditions •
• You are fully responsible for any risks and responsibilities of taking part in the campaign and trading •
• ABCC reserves the rights for the final explanation of the campaign •

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