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In the business world, venture investments attract more attention every day. New projects and startups appear faster than you can imagine, and each of them is burning with the desire to present their idea and, of course, get good money for the development of their business. This makes the other half of the venture business create a variety of funds that offer such companies their services. Other funds may represent one startup and encourage investors from around the world to invest in this “innovative and completely unique” project. In the end, we get a huge number of teams that provide services only for authors of projects or exclusively for people who want to invest. In the light of these events, there is a need in a fund that would unite these functions in one system and act as a universal assistant in meeting the needs of investor and also author of the project. All these solutions and advantages are realized in the creation of Hypercube platform.

What is Hypercube and why is it better than other platforms or funds?
Hypercube is a platform that combines the whole cycle of investment in venture capital projects, which helps start-up from around the world to raise funds for their projects at the earliest stages. It is created for investors access to promising projects, which receive all the advantages of modern technologies in project management. Before placing the project on the platform, Hypercube specialists team carries out a number of tests. Contests of projects, quality Due Diligence are held, and the best teams receive assistance in further development, which ensures a confident improvement of projects and a multiple growth of investments.

Hypercube has combined promising venture projects with the security and transparency of blockchain and smart-contract technology, which allowed to bring reliability and accountability within the project portfolio to a new quality level.

The mission of our project - to allow investors in increasing of their capital by investing in technological projects in the early stages; and also give the chance to prospective projects in receiving of financing for the idea realization.

We can be interesting for the investor because of:

You do not waste time and money on useless projects. Hypercube give a opportunity you to invest your money only in REAL projects that have a high potential for sustainable development.
Openness of information. Register - Personal Account - Projects. Three simple steps that separate you from all the necessary information about startups that Hypercube represents. All you have to do is study the submitted projects and choose what you like.
Investment safety. Any direct investment in any project of the fund in volume up to $ 25,000 will be insured and in the case of a project failure it will be compensated in full.

We can be interesting for the client because of:
Access to a global pool of investors. Placing on the Hypercube platform is an opportunity to present your product to a large number of potential investors.
Mentoring and assistance in the implementation of legal and accounting procedures. Qualified specialist assistance + Financial support = Sustainable development and multiple growth.

Why did Hypercube decide to work with ICO and what is this process like?
First of all, ICO is the raising of funds in cryptocurrencies for subsequent development of the company and the project. It is mean that you do not buy the company shares in their pure form. Instead, you buy a liquid token, the value of which grows with development of the company. The Hypercube team developed a simple model for the future distribution of profit for the Ventureon (VNN) tokens holders using the token redemption mechanism. Tokens will be issued as a type of debt. The combination of high profitability in the blockchain market with the prospects of the best venture companies, that create real business projects, makes it possible to provide high profitability, minimizing the risks typical for crypto assets.

Total will be issued 4.500.000 VNN
15% - administrative expenses
8% - team and partners

On the example of established investment markets, we decided to make the ICO in three rounds:
Pre-sale by request. Target - 250 000$.
The cost 1 VNN - 7$.
Open Pre-sale. Target - 1 000 000$
The cost 1 VNN - 10$
ICO. Target - 63.785.700$.
At this stage, the VNN tokens cost is distributed in next way:
1st 100 000 VNN - 13$
2nd 100 000 VNN - 17$
3.039.285 VNN - 20$

The raised funds will be used for marketing and advertising ICO Ventureon, and investments in a pool of projects that are financed by the Hypercube Ventures fund. VNN tokens can be exchanged for shares of the appropriate startups and projects. In simple words, buying tokens at the Pre-sale stage at a price below the market, after the ICO you will be able to multiply your money many times and, for example, buy an apartment anywhere in the world.

ICO details:

More information about Hypercube Ventures and details of the projects placed on the platform:

WhitePaper and all you need to know about Ventureon:


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