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Quality idea, looking forward to it.


interesting… cant wait to see.


Workout of the Day: Bitcoin Burpees


thank you for doing this, Like to learn from you.


I know the back end is setup to show the latest post for a topic but I think it might be beneficial to have this one thread organized by the title. Day 1 - 90 so as we are following along we can catch right back up where we left off. Its not a huge deal but I think it would make for better organization for this category.


hahah This is amazing!


Hey guys,

Me being a beginner, i can honestly say this B90x programme is amazing!!!

So much information, especially for the having the right mind set which a lot of people forget to implement!!!

Great Work @peter and thank you


You are very welcome! Putting in the work is me living what I’m preaching!


Hey peter, That is one of the reasons why I truly respect and follow you in the crypto world.

You are also not after people’s money!


I’m here so all y’all can get those massive LIFE gainz!


Hope you don’t disappear anytime soon…loll!


Hey everyone! Looking forward to learning more about Crypto here - I invest here and there and want to be sure I am well informed before things get out of hand. I do believe Crypto is the future and have been telling my friends to get their foot in the door and start their research so they don’t get left behind. Hope to learn lots and wish everyone success in their Crypto endeavors!


Crush it to the moon!



is their a way to organize the b90x its such a pain to scroll and find each episode


I will do that today. Thanks for reminding me!


Hello guys! Here to do what I should of done 5 years ago… cheers! P.s. new to this


I have been looking at the B90X program but I’ve been through a lot of the steps already, that said, I am still going to take it up starting 1/1/2018! Consistency & Patience are really important values to have, in any field or interest. Having done P90X a few years ago, I found the mental perseverance to be the biggest challenge and I would personally say the same for investing. If you’ve done P90X you know what I’m talking about, the Yoga day’s were by far (for me anyways) the toughest and most muscle burning days of the week, and a lot of getting through that was pushing yourself mentally when the burn was pressuring me to quit. I am an endurance athlete yet ‘holding’ those awkward poses to me was a pain In the very beginning, but after time the pain went away and the ‘gains’ became apparent, physically and mentally. On a side story I became highly intrigued and engulfed in Bitcoin just over a year ago, and learned all I could. I invested quite a bit of time getting to know it thoroughly, but I didn’t follow through with investing and stayed involved as I should have. I did decide to go back to college in 2017 and further my education though so IMO it was a fair trade. I did however keep up with Bitcoin and the crypto world periodically and observed how events unfolded. It did way better than I expected, even though I had some expectations it would take off. So B90X sounds like a great foundation for all people, familiar or new to this to get involved in, grow, and make them gains! 2018 will be an exciting year! Keep Calm and Hodl on. :rocket:


Here I go day 1…wish me luck everyone…


Time to dive in. No better time than the present!