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Submit any bugs or issues that you have with CoinPuffs. Screenshots or screencaps (video) with details are super-helpful!


I used it quiet a bit today instead of the usual one(you know what I am talking about).
Here is what I found so far:

1- Compare with does not work.
You can select the coin but the graph is broken if you select the second coin.

2- > Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization, Prices, and Alerts. The current “Featured” coins are from Peter Saddington’s 2018 HODL List.

You may want to link to the HODL list.

3- Undefined instead of 24 hour performance in Mobile Android Chrome when I load more coins.

4- Currency switcher does not change the price from USD.

5- Markets(where coins are trading are missing).
6- Biggest losers.
Can we change the underline color to red if possible?
Something like:
17 pm
7- Somehow the pubcoin(fish&chip coin) isn’t showing.
I fixed that for you.


John, I edited mine to look like this for now. As for the blue line, still trying to figure that one out. If you want the code for this, just let me know. I know you can do it too but it would be a time saver, i know your busy. I’ll help as much as I can. I am also working on some other stuff with the header I hope I can help you with.


Changing Currency to anything other then USD just reloads the page and remains USD


I noticed the compare bug seems to work well if you select a shorter time frame. When it’s on the “all” tab it seems to go out of whack. Probably because one or the other gets pushed off the scale. Trying to figure it out.


Can’t get mine to work using Chrome.
Can’t see the second coin graph shown. It breaks the whole thing.


On chrome here as well. That’s strange, it works for me on all selections except for “all”.


I think John just fixed it :slight_smile:


Actually, I was selecting all… It works for other date ranges. Thanks.


I checked AION earlier it said it was at $3…when it was $8.75 on Binance…so yeah not totally glued yet


This does not seem to be correct


Found a funny bug! When I hit my “maximum” number of likes for the day I get a popup that says “you have hit your maximum number of likes for the day, please wait 6 minutes and try again” or something like that. However, the only thing I have to do is hit the OK button and continue liking posts as long as I click “ok” to the popup each time. Not a big deal, but if you’re trying to limit the number of likes, it’s only half working haha.