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I keep getting glitches when I’m on the Bitcoin pub.

1.Freezing my whole computer up is a problem I’ve been having when I’m on the Bitcoin Pub
2. On mobile when I go to reply or post a topic I cannot submit my post. I click the reply button to submit multiple times but it does not post.

Just a things I have been having trouble with as Im starting to use the platform my frequently.

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Can you reproduce this step by step? What browser, etc?

  1. On Safari through my iMac I will casually be on the web, couple of tabs. One will be the PUB one will be coinmarket cap one will be idk youtube or something playing music. Ill be scrolling through the pubs chats and then my computer will just lock up.

  2. I will be on my phone on chrome, Ill be receiving notifications and responding accordingly. As I go to hit reply my ill tap the button but it doesn’t send through, it will just sit there waiting for me to type more.

I hope this is more detail sorry Im not a developer or anything to get really specific. Im working on that.

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Hey I think there’s a bug with the reader badge for me. I read the post about CoinPuffs and a post about free energy, both which have over 100 replies and the badge didn’t pop. Am I missing something by chance?

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Havent unlocked a badge in quite a while. Never got the 100 days visited badge, a few liked topics and liked comments badges, etc.

Think theres something screwy.

I keep getting internal server errors when I try to change the interface and when uploading. Something is not right.

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you’re getting issues on the pub?

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