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BitcoinPodcasts & Peter Saddington -
Podcasting is the Future of Crypto with Cory!


Go see the video and start listening to the podcasts

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I am finally doing my vlog after two years of talking myself out of it. I’m no pro but am promoting our community and talk crypto from time to time :wink:

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We saw it! Stay in it!

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Not a youtuber but often watch different tutorials there. Really helps.

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i am making money destructively

i can’t tell everyone here but if anyone want’s private message me

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Who are your favorite youtubers??
My usual rotation, decentralized tv ofc then:
Cryptos R US, Crypto Bobby - I used to watch data dash, and coin mastery, boxmining.

My question are there any youtubers outside of the US that you watch regularly? – Just seems like most of the Crypto Youtubers are from the US, which makes me think most of the active traders are from the US. So that Binance US ban is taking a heavier toll than people expected.

Yes I know Binance says US traffic is only 15%, but how many asian bot traffic is there? whats the actually $$ % from the US. Let me know your thoughts.

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