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I have several besides crypto mainly
Ham Radio
Painting minis


Hi Besides Crypto.

I was able to quick my job that was paying 100k AUD a year thanks to Crypto.
Taking care of a 18 month old boy and his older brother 4 years old.
SO bascially home duties is my hobbies,
Prior to that worked at CSL - I’m a scientist by trade. I used to make Flu Vax and Anti Venom.

I think crypto is my hobby. Next is to do a startup.


I’m a golfer, my pic shows me holding the King of Over The Hill Tournament trophy for over all low gross, I shot 76 Saturday & 73 Sunday. My wife Elizabeth & I spend all our spare time golfing so hoping to retire on cryptos to the moon.


Besides working as a Hotel Revenue Manager, I’m also a Freelance photographer. I’ve been awarded in multiple international photo contest the last three years.

You can see part of my works at www.christophermacquet.com and www.instagram.com/cmacquet


these look great!

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Thanks @john !! I’m glad that you like my pictures :slight_smile:

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There is a place to sell items on here…although this is a bit self serving as I am interested in a particular print on your instagram.


I’m glad that you like my images, we can speak via email, there is mine: cmacquet@gmail.com :grinning:

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Golfer here, too. :golf::golfing_man:
I´ve only started a year ago, am totally addicted.
Played about 120 rounds in the last 12 months.
Most ot them at my home club´s course near Mainz, Germany. Google has more and better pictures of it that their website.
It´s a very challenging course and that´s why I am enjoying it so much!

My handicap is down to -36, which was my goal for 2017.
I should mention that the handicap thing works a little different in Germany than anywhere else.
Firstly, the EGA defines the HC system for Europe
After that, each country in Europe can have their own national regulations.
In the case of Germany, “qualifying scores” i.e. scores which can affect your handycap are defined as "must scored be in a tournament"
There´s a way to get around this, by registering for a EDS (Extra Day Score) round, however. In doing that you can also get a private round to improve your HC.

I´ve also played in Cyprus :cyprus:and two courses in California , one if which was the Presidio in San Francisco.:bridge_at_night:

Anyways… Golf is the :star: greatest game in the world :star: and it will continue to be the unmasterable challenge for the rest of my life. Hands down.:raised_hands:

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I was a golfer and a fresh water Fisher person. Gosh I don’t know about anywhere else outside the uk but getting the right terms is a struggle phew. Bring back conker fighting lol.

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Besides crypto obsession,mine are Judo which I started learning in a dojo that predates WWII in Maebashi Japan (lived there 7 years) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which I started when I returned to the States 7 years ago. Along with these physical combat sports I play Chess as well as Go (Korean Baduk) and study languages (speak Mandarin,Japanese,Arabic,Hebrew and Spanish) and am currently studying Korean.

Living abroad for so long made me pick up quite a few hobbies that I doubt I would have had time for had I been Stateside my whole life with the culture of the “rat race” as your weekday activity and bar hopping with a side of hangovers as the weekend thing to do.


Hi JollyHobbler, I saw you listed a hobby being an ham radio operator. Thought I would answer your post. While I’m not doing much hamming at the present I do so on occasion. Mostly echolink but I am going to get up a new support and antenna before I retire in a few months. Probably I’ll do digital as I really liked that form of communication. I got into ham radio so long ago they were still using tubes! Learning to use computers, digital modes and now getting into a little crypto has been some severe learning curves for this old man! Almost as tough as taking my general in Columbus, OH when the FCC examiners still gave them. Hi.

I read info on the Bitcoin pub but posting is some what of a problem for me. I will continue to work on it tho. What do I do if its not just answering someone, start a new topic or what? That is what do I do if its just a general statement or question that I have?

I see you are into programming. That would be real useful in this field!

There have been few times in my life I’ve really gotten caught up in something and this crypto is one of them. My problem is there is only one person I can talk to that knows anything about it and that person lives 50 miles away and works 2 jobs.

FB on your being a ham, JollyHobbler.


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I mainly play on 2m and on the local repeater where I am at. I also hitup echolink for one of the repeaters I use when I go to work as they have a monday night net I get on occasionally. The repeater id is w4iz and is taken care of by North Florida Amateur Radio Society(NOFARS). Maybe I we can catch each other there sometime.
Read always ask questions when you need to clarify something or get a new idea of where to read next, but that is just a humble opinion.
Programming is jsut a different way to think and solve problems. I find that it helps in many areas of life.
Crypto is a great thing to get caught up in.
73 de KM4WHU

OK, JollyHobbler, FB on all. Ham Radio has been a constant in by life, I may be away for awhile but I always come back. I had some kindly old folks to Elmer me when I was 15 or so and I probably wouldn’t have made it without them. They were old to me then but I’m about 10 or so years older than them now! Its hard to believe.

Tnx for your reply and 73s,

Keep HODLing. Hi.



Here is the invite link to join the Photoshop Digital Media thread in FightClub by @RavenSkyDaisy

Currently at 15 members

Very inspiring how did you manage to quit your job? And what projects did you invest in?

Kind regards


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