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Hello everyone,

We have created a section regarding the increasing questions surrounding taxation, law, litigation and government proposals on Cryptocurrency.

We are seeing more and more exposure into the financial and regulatory sector, alongside government probing, and various geopolitical scrutiny which is leaving many of us with lots of questions.

Hopefully, this will be a good area to provide some clarity, and as we evolve, we will have a good section addressing many issues with the help of you guys, who all come from different parts of the world.


Awesome. Let’s start moving all those posts!


Moved the following threads. I’m sure I missed some but it’s a start.


Is the trade taxable only for crypto-fiat or also crypto-crypto?


US? Crypto-crypto in addition to crypto- fiat.


IRS Says Fewer Than 100 People Have Reported Bitcoin Holdings So Far


This is incorrect. I have done close to 100 bitcoin tax returns this year and this is my first year in operation for my tax business. I have a few on extension to complete after tomorrow. Wait for more official numbers when the season is over.


I’m trying to figure out my capital gains or losses. I only have a handful of taxable events. Coinbase does not provide me with the initial value of a currency before I sent it to another exchange. I tried looking it up on the blockchain but I could not figure it out. I think it’s because while the currency is at Coinbase it is not really in my wallet but in theirs. If any of you know if there is a reasonably easy way I can get this info I would appreciate it. I did not really want to go through Cointracker unless I had to. Coinbase should provide this info in my opinion.