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Do you still consider 1060/1070’s a viable purchase at this time? Especially the new P106 cards that are coming out.



Im new to the Bitcoin world. I’ve purchased 5 Bitcoin and a couple Alt Coins…but I want to know about mining. Specifically…how to build a rig and how to start mining. I’ve watched a couple YouTube videos and read a couple article so I have an idea on how to start but I would appreciate your input. What is the initial investment ($$$) for creating a mining rig?


@ThreeAndDone I’m going to start adding content to the mining and hardware category at @peter request. since you’ve asked how to get started, that is where I will start. Please stick around and keep an eye out for posts from me.


GTX 1070 its the top ROI right now…dont buy mining specific cards, they will have a warranty of just 6 months and if you want to resell then after you cant sell in the gaming second hand market!!


2000-2500$ window to build a 6 cards rig!! GTX 1060 in this case!


I think the 1060’s have a way better ROI atm

66% the performance for 50% the cost.


The ROI may be faster but look at the earnings over 1 year and 1.5 years. You’ll start to see a huge gap in earnings between the 1060 and 1070.


Look at the return on $10,000 worth of 1060’s vs $10,000 worth of 1070’s

If you have the room, the 1060’s smoke the 1070’s on returns.
Not per card but per dollar, that’s what the ROI calc tells you.
You’ll also use 33% at least less energy.

With undervolting you’re energy goes down under 50% since a 1060 only needs 65W for 22 Mh/s
That’s why I’m reviewing a couple of different quotes this weekend :wink:


after i download mining software, from pool / github my antivirus “Bitdefender” will Flag it as Trojan :man_facepalming:


Trying to learn about mining, very new at Crypto. Hope my questions will make sense. Someone’s selling me a 12 GPU RIG to mine ETH or Zcash, rate is (as I’m told) 180TH/s, Rig price is around $3000. Does is look profitable? Is this a good buy? Thanks.


it can’t be 180TH/s … you will get MILLIONS in a day lol,
give us more on the spec of the rig



Sorry! lol! it’s 180 mhs NAN, seller says it’s a 12 GPU Rig Set. Does that make sense?


A 12 GPU rig doing 180 MH/s sounds like crap. That’s only 15 MH/s per card. Which means it is less than GTX 1060’s installed. You’re look at about a 356 day ROI period. More than likely, those GPUs are not going to last through difficulty increases during that year if they are only putting out 15 MH/s right now.


Thanks! Good thing I haven’t bought it! So GTX 1060’s are minimal, should find something higher? or are they good enough? REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP.


GTX 1060’s purchased now will more than likely not make their ROI. The difficulty increases will make 6GB GPUs obsolete very soon unless a new coins comes along and you can continue to limp along with it.

Longevity, I would find GTX 1070 systems. They seem to be the best equipped to handle the difficulty changes. The inflated prices of GPUs currently is something to consider heavily as well.

I will tell you, when Peter and I start mining, we were looking at 9 month ROI periods, then 3 month, and now 11 month. This ROI is in terms of BTC. Fiat ROI will come faster but what was invested in the mining rigs could have gone to purchase of BTC. So we measure ROI in terms of BTC.


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I’m seeing some people are mining Zcash over ETH. I’m curious if anyone is mining privacy coins like Monero, cloakcoin etc, or if there are other coins that are producing good ROI’s. Is there a dedicated forum for discussing the hot minable coins of the moment for say, 1070s?


The amount of misinformation in this thread is ridiculous, I can’t even comment on it. I’m happy to discuss mining with anyone who would like but I’m not going to step on any toes and say anything public that’s directly counter to what a lot of others are saying.

Take a look at my other posts, I manage over 100 mining rigs (both a personal operation as well as a group endeavor) and will be happy to share my knowledge. I just don’t want to deal with the backlash of 80+ people telling me I’m wrong or their experience is different bla bla bla…

Send me a direct message if you’d like to talk, please limit your inquiries to questions related to an already running operation or if you’re about to invest/purchase a rig. If you’re just curious about mining, I would encourage you to read this whole thread and see if you still have any questions.


There is a “Coin Specific” category within Mining and Hardware. You are welcome and encouraged to start a new topic to discuss any coin you are curious about mining.