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is it still ok to buy GTX 1060, 3 GB to mine. what the disadvantage with the 6gb?thanks


is it ok to buy gtx 1060 3gb now how long can it still mine able?


Do you know what coins Blake256R14/Blake256R8/Blake2B/Lbry/Pascal are doing?


I’m new here so looks like I can’t pm you but would love to chat.


Hey my first post here,
I just started with crpyto a month ago and really liking the Peters work here.

Been looking recently into mining and have a question about ethereum.

As to my knowledge ethereum is preparing for a new proof of stake (PoS) protocol called Casper which doesn’t require hardware mining. GPUs in my case, am postponing purchasing the GPUs for now.

Is there any fact about when they start using the PoS protocol?

Cheers, Nino


No date has been set yet on PoS. They have been saying they are moving to PoS for a while now. There will be a period of time when both PoS and PoW are going on I believe. During this period, it would be wise to start pointing your miner at another coin. Don’t let ETH going to PoS discourage you from mining. If you want to mine, there are plenty of other coins to mine. Not to mention, some are more profitable than ETH.

Check out whattomine.com and you will see what I’m talking about.


Thank you very much.

I was looking into dual RX570 option, 4GB or 8GB, would use my old existing office computer just to start it off. Should i go for 8GB for future proofing the system?


I would go with 8 GB.


Thanks, pretty much decided for 8GB already.



This can’t be real…woke to go to the little boys room and wanted to check in on my mining. This is what I get. No Bueno