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My moon goals are to eventually build up some wealth to live comfortably. I’m part time now and don’t always have money to invest and I struggle sometimes with bills and things but I make it through. I’d also like to build up an extra retirement. I’m into other investing also, like the stock market and Forex. I’m a beginner in all the investing markets. YouTube is my main source for learning. I have high hopes and dreams and I believe I can achieve them in time. I’d love to have a decent amount of money build up to feel like I’m not stuck in my job because I need money. I’d also like to show my friends and family a decent sized account and feel great joy with there shocked reactions. I may get to the moon slowly but I will definitely get there in time. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :wink:


My moon goal is to be able to match my income from my day job in the first year


@Peter Any chance one of the goals on your mirror was CryptoYum or CoinPuffs?

I’m finding a bit hard to pin down my moon shot goal at the moment but some examples you provided are definitely things I need to get done and will make my initial goals while I ponder and decide on a more personalized goal.

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Well my moon goal is to accumulate 200bitcoins. Have Live free, emancipate myself, family and all around me. Travel the world and fulfill my purpose in this earth.


My Moon goals are as follows:

  1. Live a debt free life
  2. Be able to take care of my family with Bitcoin and not have to rely on a “9 to 5” job
  3. Start my own business and work my own hours and call my own shots
  4. Move to Oregon and own my house
  5. Buy more Bitcoin

My moon goal is to leave the rat race of a 8-5 day job and match my day job earnings with crypto day trading.

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Moon goal is front row seat to the moon with family and friends.

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My moon is to get into medical school, pay for it, and not have to live like a poor resident while Im doing residency so that my family can live more comfortably. That means making $250,000+ in by 2024 and another $200,000 by 2028! :full_moon::rocket:

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I am initial moon goal is to turn a 1000$ investment into a 100k $ in 2 years time


10k in 100k in 2 years, hmm, what is that about 200% annually…
I like that.

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My moon goals are to slowly build my wealth with this new currency i’m in no rush and will do this until i kick the bucket my future blonde DD cup wife takes it all.

I worked for a trading company when things went tits up in London in 2008 and goldman sacs closed doors and this i know. It goes up & BREAKS and goes down and so on.

I believe this is here to stay as each generation has new ways of making the $$$. Crypto is our turn to make money.

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My moon goals:

  1. Traveling to other countries using bitcoin money

  2. Bitcoin wedding

  3. Open up businesses with the help of bitcoin money

  4. Build a house using bitcoin money

  5. DCA with Bitcoin


Moon Goal update jan 2nd 2019.

Happy New year.

Well the market has been mediocre but i’m holding. During the 2008 recession my father in Australia lost over 1/2 of his SUPER and same with my auntie in the UK the SOLD, got out. From what i’ve read and interview i’ve heard on podcasts over the years it eventually came back. So if my father and auntie had HELD on they would have been better off in the long run.

SO my thinking is this if the global markets are headed for a recession they’ll bounce back eventually. Print more money etc. BOOM/BUST cycle. I’m not an expert, by no means.

So my Crypto currency plan for 2019 is this

1 - Hold on, relax pop a tiny of beer. WAIT until 2020 see if it’s grown.
2 - If crypto starts to recover re buy further into my current positions. I’m not buying into anymore new company this year. Honestly too many pop up i find if very confusing and I feel like i’m being SOLD advertising promo shit to help people build they’re business. I’m not day trading so i’m loooooooong.

3 - Portfolio plan - I’m 41 now and i’ll be holding this portfolio for 3 years 2019/2020/2021. Then re evaluate. maybe DUMP. Go back to traditional markets. or if it turns around. Who knows

Current positions - see attached.

Lets see how 2019 goes!

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Great portfolio. ICON to the moon! HODL!

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Well most are in the green i have very small positions. Im still holding my plan to 2020 to see how it plays out. Im not confident and feel that the only way to make some serious cash is to have large positions. We will see.

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Well it’s late November and almost into the new decade. Bitcoin has not provided much profit for me over this year as a whole. I’m still sticking to my plan of holding until 2021 but i have to be honest I’m not impressed.

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