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Hey guys!

Now is your chance to set up the pinnedabout post in our brand new Noticias section! The post is an “about the noticias section” and what should be posted within it.

Here’s an example [Tertulia (Watercooler) ](http://About Español - Tertulia (Watercooler) )

En Español por favor!

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@atnick - can you help?


We’re on the same wavelength @peter

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Top 5 Spanish Language Crypto News sources

@Eddy_pm Who are the top 5 people you follow on twitter for Spanish Language Crypto news?


I’d like your input as well guys. What are your favourite/best news sources for Spanish Language Crypto News/Opinion?
@Criptomata @thetapeworm @Edgardo @Garzaro @Manuel_Villarreal @William7697 @skitchens

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I don’t typically go to spanish news sites [or even news sites at all, I let you all do the dirty work in finding the articles, and then I’ll read it later on the pub ;)]

I do use this website’s glossary for help translating, they seem to be really on point: https://www.criptonoticias.com/

Bienvenidos at @Eddy_pm ! Encontraras mucha informacion aqui en el pub y tambien encontraras un grupo de individuos educados, dedicados, y dispuestos a ayudarte. Me interesa tu entusiasmo por los proyectos de NEM y de Elixxir. voy a investigar mas. Disfrute de esta comunidad, madame un mensaje si necesitas algo.


Hey Nick, I dont really follow anyone in spanish. I’ve seen a few but mainly i get all my news in english. I’m interested to see everyone elses answer.


Gracias. Siempre leo todas las noticias sobre la economía y las criptos. También estoy entusiasmado con Nem y Elixxir. Pero soy partidario de todo lo relacionado con blockchain. Cualquier cosa que pueda ayudar estaré encantado de hacerlo. Un saludo a todos !!!


cointelegraph in Spanish its a great source as well as Criptonoticias, every one feeding from English sources, but criptonoticias are team of journalist from colombia, dedicated to spread the word in spanish, maybe in the future Yen.io will do some barter to get direct info from LatAm region :slight_smile:

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Pter!!! What do you have in Mind ??..“I need español”…

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I’m going to touch base with you (all -@Criptomata @thetapeworm @Edgardo @Garzaro @Manuel_Villarreal @William7697 @skitchens) tomorrow, working out a few wrinkles. If you have any more content source ideas, please add them to this thread.

Preference for sites that do “original” content rather than just translate existing English language articles. Video (YouTube) is great too. Criptonoticias sounds great.

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uhmmmm hard to say TBH, in this bear market the general sentiment of “sources” has dried out, much more in spanish.

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Yes, Criptonoticias are focus on LatAm market and have a great written content for the region, I will do some research to see what are the chance to work or spread their content :slight_smile:

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If we reframe it, only the most steadfast sources remain. Let’s find them!


This is not the thread for this stuff @atnick

This should have been just an ABOUT noticias and what should be posted under this sub-category…

See other examples…

About the THE WATERCOOLER category

Wanted someone to give me content to write in there… something in spanish please!