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How is the world being impacted by Bitcoin and blockchain technology?


Let’s make it bigly. Power to the people and none to the banks. Bit by bit, one and all.


I dont no why it bothers me but since trump everyone is using bigly which sounds like something a 5th grader might say. Yankees love their baseball and a New York construction tycoon is no exception - its clearly BIG LEAGUE which makes more sense and can clearly hear the G in some but not all of the times he said it as you can say it dropping the G. If we are going to do it as a meme thats fine but can at least do that BIGLY!


Thank you Marc Cuban!


If you bring Fiat to this party?? Well!! Dilly Dilly!! LOL


Are the globalists up to their old tricks of infiltrate divide and conquer?


Why Roger Ver is try to pretend to be Satoshi Nakamoto, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkH0tmTfKbs
you can tell from the voice.


Agree it’s big league but bigly is just so much more :smiley:


Bitcoin has been my biggest influence since the resession of 2008 also motivating me to write and produce my latest hip hop track called BITCOIN NO PROBLEM


Joe Rogan talks about blockchain with Dr. Ben Goertzel


Cypherpunk - Movement