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So, the weather’s nice huh.:sweat_smile:


Hey guys what you think about SALT Eleven hours into the sale the SALT Tokens are flying off the shelf as expected!

The $3 Tokens were sold out in about 45 minutes…long before they got through the entire line of people that signed up for the offering. So the 70% discounted tokens are now gone.

As of right now there’s only 600k of the $5 Tokens (50% discount) left and China is just waking up so I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell out before sun comes up tomorrow in the USA.

Then it’s the $7.50 tokens of which they are only selling 1M of in total so I expect this final offering to sell out before the end of the week.

Very impressive showing for the SALT Team.

Once all the tokens sell out they will retail for $10 each as a floor but will adjust upward if markets dictate higher numbers.

Then comes the execution of their business plan. SALT is targeting for retail loans to be available before the end of the year and that will be one of the quickest transformations from start-up to operational in this Crypto/Blockchain space.

The tokens will begin trading within a few weeks after they sell out this offering and then we will have a better idea of where the “Fair Market Value” of the tokens will shake out in these very, very early days.

Anybody wanting to purchase that has already signed up can buy the $5 Tokens right now on your SALT Dashboard. If you have already bought some and want more there are no limits to the amount you can purchase. Those that want in but have not signed up to get a dashboard yet can click here to start the process:


I like the concept. I just can’t figure out why these projects need soooooooo much capital, We’ll see what the market says when release.


Can @Peter give comments/assessment re. Jamie Dimon please?