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YEN - Your Entertainment Network.

Youtube Ends Now - lol



Thank you guys again for everything you are doing. I love activating my imagination, it is a great thing to have a good thinking session.
I basically came to this thinking peak when I was in the zone. y is a letter, a brand, a question, and the statement I usually ask myself constantly. If Apple could use the letter i, I think the letter y has just as much hidden potential.
Y exchange?
Y social?
Y anything you like
curiosity is human nature, its what makes us go further in life and explore.
Yen/Y could be(will be/is the place) you can come to discover and find out.


Man… everything you’ve put down there… we’ll be building and baking into the system. Gawd. It’s epic. :explopants3:


YEN.IO - The world’s first social exchange platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts!

so actually searching i finally found my own answer… its just for cryptocurrency.

thought it was going to be the next youtube lol


but wait… there’s more! :rocket:


MANNNN what is this yen thing?! Im fcking excited for whatever is coming!


You’ll have to stay excited for over a year… welcome to the show.


OVER A YEAR?! kudos to you guys for doing this damn thing, i’m excited and i’ll gladly wait the year. All we can do for now is subscribe for any upcoming updates atm right?


honestly, really great software takes a long time to put together. i think we’ll be able to have some workable and usable prototypes for a select group of folks to test sooner… but, a public release will take time.


appreciate it and good luck - will be patiently waiting! huge fan of your blog btw john! did you ever do a second podcast on mixergy? sorry for the repeat, didn’t reply directly to you in the first post


not yet… i think we are trying to schedule it.


looking forward to it!


YEN = Your Energy Network :slight_smile: :andreas:


@john you have a competitor already

offering 21 crypto All-in-One Cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange

was reading this also

how will YEN exchange be better? what does the community need based on (coibase expereince) that most crypto hodlers used in the past. where do I get info on Yen.io exchange?


this isn’t even in the same category as what we’re building… so, no, this isn’t competition.

but even if it was… it wouldn’t matter.


Can’t not love these confidence levels! :+1:t3:


Alright I am really looking forward to this. Things have never been the same since the disappearance of the Poloniex TrollBox. Having an exchange where its users can socialize in some way once again will be great to have.


Hey I’m down to support on patreon but first…Please explain YEN.