About to grab a GTX 1080, and then another 1080 and then another and another and another

So, I’ve finally stumbled across whattomine.com and have found I have been mining the wrong coin with my GTX 1070 on my gaming laptop when it’s idle. I’ve been mining ETH, and the calculations are correct at about $3.76 daily (When I’m not WoWing, Overwatching or Hearthstoning!) I see up there that I should be mining VIVO at $5.04 daily returns. That being said, once I hit my next payout I’m doing a few things.

First things first - I’m finding a wallet and some software to mine VIVO on my laptop in it’s spare time. Second, that payout should land me with enough cash to buy a GTX 1080 (with cash I have been saving up too of course). I plan on throwing that in one of my ‘spare’ older computers and just letting that baby grind. Mining ZCL, I am expecting my ROI to be 77.4 days at $6.83 a day with it. I plan to expand from there and buy a board for 6 GTX 1060 cards, eventually buy all cards, a power supply or two to power them all and like a cheap 16g stick of ram. If my calculations are correct, Those 6 cards will make me roughly $14,589 a year mining ZCL. If I were to get 3 of these 6 card rigs running, I’d be making what I make now with my current job!

But why would I stop there? Would I not being doing myself a favor to keep pumping out 6 card rigs until my wife threatens to divorce me?! Am I not thinking realistically with this building up process? I feel like the longer I wait, the more I am missing out and I just need to start doing and watching and building! I kinda wanted to just jump on a cheap 2g video card and start mining but I kinda felt like saving for the 1080 was the right move. Thoughts?

I’ve also thought to myself, I can toss a hundred here and there onto Cryptopia and buy all the cheap coins I can, by say a thousand at a time if possible and just hodl them. I am most definately going to become a Patreon here! Perhaps I could save for 10 months on a rig or two and buy me a Bitcoin Tesla? I don’t know about anyone else but I LOSE SLEEP OVER ALL OF THE POTENTIALS OF CRYPTOS! Not just for securing some financial wealth but, well, yeah, mostly for the wealth LOL.

If I need to be slapped with a reality check, let me know! If I’m thinking too irrational, tell me! I only wish I had found crypto so very very much sooner than now!


Dude…LOL!!! You got the FEVER BRO! If you were actually moving your shadow would have a hard time keeping up.

I say go for it - but be smart about it and try and regulate your ‘vim vigor and vitality’ with a little bit of good thinking. You’ll be fine…



I’m about to go shopping today for a bunch of 1070ti cards, searching for stock is a pain in the arse, going to have to drive all over Perth to get what I’m looking for.

This mining stuff is addictive - nice steady stream of crypto.


I love it man.

Go for it.

Here’s why mining is valuable:

  • You support the network
  • You’re putting your money where your mouth is
  • You’ll LEARN about mining!
  • You’ll LEARN about mining!
  • You get to learn all about mining and the more you learn, the more you become powerful…

We mine at scale for all those reasons because we believe in this technology to change the world. For me to NOT learn about it would do a disservice to the network.

Go forward! Produce wealth! :rocket:


I’ve been using all my mined coins to DCA into other projects like ICX, TRX, IOTA and ADA, with a steady stream of crypto you won’t need to keep pumping fiat through gateway exchanges.


your passionate! as long as your being smart about the your spending (and it sounds like you are) I would keep going. Why stop? but treat the fam and take breaks/find balance. we all need balance.


Oh I’ve got that fever alright! Looking at it again today, it looks like Verge is the most profitable with the 1080. O.o I guess this would be something to monitor closely? Switch on a dime? Tweak and move back and forth on different cryptos a few to several times a day?


Maybe consider using https://miningpoolhub.com/ !
It will choose with algo is the most profitable at the moment and will mine this coin.
(And you can even auto convert your coins to which ever you want)


You caught the bug. Mining is addictive. They may need to check you into rehab, but not until you get to the moon.

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