Account Fraud Calls

Just wanted to share what could have been a horrible experience but everything worked out as best as it could have.

So yesterday I received a call from “USAA’s Fraud department”. At first this seemed like a normal call that you get to verify a charge. It caught me off guard a bit by the shear amount of details they provided during this call typically it is just “did you charge this amount at said store”. It was a “Western Union charge” and he gave me a guys name and explained law enforcement would be called if he showed up at the location. Then he went into another charge with the same level of detail.

Then he proceded to ask for the normal verification information of which I gave. He then stated he would be sending a card out next day and asked for a time of day for it to be delivered. This seemed odd as it typically at best takes 3 days to get a card from my experience but was like yeh i want it tomorrow. During this time he asked me for 1 of the security questions. This is when things clicked in place he was asking the information in the exact order that is used to log into USAA. I told him to email me the info to both email addresses on file and he was adamant that it needed resolved over the phone. I stood my ground and said I was in my truck and couldn’t verify the information while in the truck.

When I got home my bank password had been locked out, but nothing effected on my account. I immediately called USAA closed the card and changed the password on every bank account and phone account I had. If I had not recognized the order in which he was asking for the information I am not sure I would have caught this. I should also add that USAA is out of San Antonio and the fraudster was using a San Antonio number. This was the most legit sounding fraud call I have experienced.

Stay frosty guys and gals. These perp’s are getting good.

Last item of note I am posting this in patreon channel just to keep exposure of it up and that it is active. @kimchi brought to lite that our subscriber count is staying steady but it can only help if we keep the patreon chat thread active.


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