ACEbusters: Decentralised Poker, uses Ethereum, 1% "RAKE" to token holders

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My first posting here at all, even though I follow Peter’s youtube channel, I just struggle to do forums as well!

A crypto friend of mine has come up with this cunning platform for playing poker called Acebusters.

The hands are played using NUTZ, which you buy with ETH. These are ECR20 tokens as usual.
Power Tokens are I think what you can convert your NUTZ to at the end of the crowdsale or the end of a hand.

Now these tokens allow you to have a share of the “rake”, the rake is what the house normally takes which I believe is often 4%. (I’m not an online Poker Player - so please don’t beat me up)

The next part of the project is to do a decentralised card desk shuffle between the players. I happen to think that when they solve this, it may have major implications in cryptography generally. They can do it now but only if all the players stay online during the shuffle. The itch to solve this is if someone drops out because they are on the train and loose their 4G etc. However Johann is sure he can get this solved in the next couple of months. Which would in my mind make the platform technically perfect.

When I asked him on Skype about making it COMPLETELY decentralised after the hand has been set up between the players in the game. He said it is indeed possible.

  • Plus points of this ICO: Power token holders get a share of the “rake” - very novel
  • Downside, needs big player sponsorship/acknowledge so poker players actually know the system exists.

Whitepaper here etc:

If you are very interested and would like to do a proper review of their platform which is more that just a MVP - it actually just works right now. Then just do get in-touch with me. I was quite shocked as when I looked at the web site, I though Johann was going to server me up a beta but it all works really nicely.

Cheers Mark Cross
Tel +44(0)7855121942 UK

Disclaimer: I don’t currently hold any tokens, I may buy a few just to support my friend. Technically I do know what he is doing is solid, I’ve had a go as much as a non poker play can do.

I helped him debug an SMS bitcoin wallet platform called for which he received $25,000 incubator funnding in 2014.


Thanks you for sharing this.

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