ACF #41 - Sponsored by CER by Hacken ($400 USD in Ethereum prize pool)


Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s Altcoin Fantasy contest, sponsored by CER by Hacken. CER, also known as Crypto Exchange Ranks, is a free crypto exchange rating service that allows traders to see all-inclusive objective ratings and analytics to make proper investment and trading decisions. CER analyzes broad risk areas, including liquidity, compliance and reliability, public opinion and cybersecurity level. The parent company of CER is Hacken, a white hat token that is traded on big cryptocurrency exchanges such as KuCoin and Yobit.

Contest duration - Sunday, September 9 to Sunday, September 16 (1 week)

Fantasy portfolio starting value - $10,000

Exchange used - OKEX


Top trader (1st place) - $150 USD in Ethereum

2nd place - $100 USD in Ethereum

3rd place - $50 USD in Ethereum

4th/5th place - $25 USD in Ethereum

6th to 10th place - $10 USD in Ethereum

11th to 50th place - 1,000 ACF points

51st to 100th place - 500 ACF points

Don’t forget we also have a weekly guess the price raffle. We also added a new bounty for this contest (subscribe to CER) where you can get 800 ACF Points. ACF Points can be redeemed for rewards such as Ethereum, BRD Wallet tokens, an Oculus Go and much more!

Feel free to discuss things like top coins in this week’s contest, trading strategies, tools and resources, etc.


Ive always found Hacken fascinating.


Yeah they a pretty interesting project. They also build a few things as part of their white hat security auditing:

Crypto Exchange Ranks

Arbitrage Dashboard by Hacken