Additional Bitcoin wallet denominations are here - .1 BTC and .5 BTC


Based on the popular demand of our 1M, 1 BTC, and 1 XMR wallets, we’ve decided to go ahead and release the final two Bitcoin wallet denominations, .1 BTC and .5 BTC. These are the last of the ‘Bitcoin’ “Series 2030” Notes. There will not be any further denominations. There will also not be any further ‘Bitcoin’-related wallets until the Summer of next year. We will, however, be releasing other crypto-related 2030 series notes in January, including 1 LTC, 1 ETH, 1000 TRX, 1000 ADA, and 1M DOGE.

I’ve decided to make two separate threads in order to properly track the sales of both offerings. I do not want to cause any confusion by adding these items to the other listing.

Just like the others, these are limited to 150, each hand signed and numbered on the back. Each individual wallet includes a tamper-evident hologram for you to affix to the note after generating your own keys. These notes come UNFUNDED and with NO keys generated; for utmost privacy, we believe the purchaser should generate and handle their own keys.

.1 BTC Wallet Front:

.1 BTC Wallet Back:

.5 BTC Wallet Front:

.5 BTC Wallet Back:

Price: $20 each ( .006 [btc] )
Shipping: $5 US, or $15 international
Cap: Max 10 notes per customer for the first week of sales (next Saturday, customers can purchase any quantity if remaining quantities are available)
Timeframe: Please allow 5-7 days for order processing.

Notes can be purchased directly on the website, here: