Advice Needed Re International Money Theft & Fraud

Hey Everyone!

I have no idea if this is appropriate but I’m at the end of my rope and need advice from interweb-people who are smarter then me.

It’s been a long time since I checked in. Half due to me trying not to spend every waking minute obsessing about Crypto and half due to being under immense stress in real life.

If anyone can offer advice relating to a person stealing money from a bank account in L.A. and sending it to New Zealand I’d really appreciate it.

Long story short, We are all feeling very stupid and naive. A person who already owed us money from Jan 2017 managed to get more of my money “refunded” from an L.A. bank account into his own NZ bank account.

In the last 2 weeks we have found out that this person has been running cons on a few different companies. Claiming to have secured business, taking money and disappearing. It’s been going on for at least 4 years that we have discovered.

The routine seems to be… Offers business, takes investment, business “fails” (or so they claim), buys luxury vehicle, fly to L.A., sells luxury vehicle, pockets money. AKA Laundering money. They then convince people to invest in more “business” to try and get back they money they owe to them.

This person/company now has small online profile in the media down here.

The company in L.A. isn’t exactly helpful because they don’t want to be liable and the bank here in NZ has privacy laws so we can’t access the transaction information. There is no crime to pursue/prosecute without proof.

We have tracked down a couple of social media profiles belonging to him and several companies in his name in AU/NZ/L.A. We don’t know where he is because he flits around between AU, NZ and L.A. frequently. This person, and his family are living a very high life on other peoples money. The arrogance is astounding. The cars, the clothes, the flights overseas. The insta profiles. The photos with a notoriously wealthy religious leader from NZ who has his own “con” running (according to the media and the tax department.)

We are working with a lawyer but they aren’t internet literate. I need to collate as much information about his person as I possibly can so I can nail him.

Can anybody offer any advice on tracking him online? We need to catch this con artist with a God complex. (I believe that he thinks he is a god among men because he hasn’t been caught. His insta pictures tell a thousand words.)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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