Advice on mining software


Hi guys, so I am almost done with building my rig and I am almost at the software part.
As a noob and first time miner, which software is the easiest/better that the more experienced miners here could recommend if you have windows 10 as O.S?
Any input would be much appreciate it.


The easiest by far is Awesome Miner

It has a GUI that allows you to easily setup even more advanced protocol switching mining.

There is also a guy on Youtube that walks you through the process and you would be running in minutes.

Once you master and understand the concepts, then you could start looking into compiling your own from source with minor tweaks for better efficiency.

Good luck, let us know how you go!

Stay Fishy


I would say by the name it sounds fishy :wink: but after some research it looks like its legit so I will take a better look at it and give it a try. Will post some pics when I do.


Still need to work on my cable management but finally got the rig up! Using awesome miner as well, really love the multi-algo switching setup for noobs. Really appreciate the info my man!