ADX & DI- very powerful method I use to identify correctly BTC's bottom in December!


Hi guys,

I’ve written a detailed free tutorial article and made a video on how I use ADX and DI to spot the top and bottom of a trend.

The article and video are very comprehensive and it is an exact step by step guide to both show you this super powerful method plus how to setup the special version of this indicator I have published on Trading View for free (you will of course need a trading View account of course to use it).

This method I show you is astonishingly good at being able to spot reversals and when a trend is fading and about to switch to a new one. I used it to to guage when the huge crash of November/December was going to end- and correctly identified December the 17th as the turning point and the end of the downtrend- I put a long order in that afternoon. How was I able to identify that? I watched the ADX line (set to a special bunch of settings which is explained in the article and video) rise to an extreme value before fading. You will find that the more you watch how ADX behaves, it can be frighteningly accurate at knowing when something is likely to reverse.

I also explain how I use another indicator RSI and Accumulation/Distribution strength to help time entries. When both are used together this method is VERY POWERFUL.

I’m happy to answer questions on this thread as it’s an indicator I think more people need to learn how to use, and RSI A/D is not one that is a well known combination.

Trading View ADX and DI Tutorial video
Trading View ADX and DI Tutorial

The indicators mentioned in the video and article have been published here:

ADX and DI on Trading View
RSI and A/D Strength
RSI and A/D strength trading view indicator

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