Aergo (Blocko) bigger than ICON [ICX] (IconLoop) in Korea?


What are your thoughts on Aergo/Blocko?
Aergo is a public blockchain in Korea created by Blocko (comparable with TheLoop). They’re claiming the following:

“Blocko is the largest blockchain infrastructure provider in South Korea; with over 23 deployed products, 25M+ users on some products delivered to clients, and a majority market share in its operating region.”

“Not just creating blockchain proof of concepts — but building commercial blockchains tailored for corporations like Samsung, Lotte Card (licensed by American Express), Cisco, and many more.”

They have huge names on their website (Samsung, IBM, Cisco etc). Also news articles about them partnering up with Samsung SDS for example dating back to 2016. Are they bigger than ICON and TheLoop?


I’ve known about Blocko for quite some time, but I didn’t know that they were making a public chain. Will do some research because having two Korean enterprise grade blockchains in your portfolio seems like a great idea.


Yeah I agree… let me know if you find anything interesting !


Nice. Just joined and shilling a coin!
Give us your review please.


Well actually, Im here hoping you guys would know more about this project! I’m all in ICON, so coming across this project made me nervous…


You’re all in on ICON? yikes


The original post was copy and pasted on Reddit as well. Users there point out that the website has broken links to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Red flags everywhere.


I’m calling Bullshit.


IWhats wrong with ICON?


I agree but if you google Blocko, you will find some interesting articles about partnerships with samsung, Lotte, Banks and even the government…


What’s wrong with going all in on 1 coin?


Well not literally “all in” ICX, but it is one of my bigger holdings. Whats your opinion on ICX?


I honestly don’t think there’s a lot special about it ( I got in from the ICO as well )


Hmm oke I appreciate your honesty. Their network is quite impressive though right?


I don’t personally think ICX is game changing. Das bout it


Iconneeeeeeect :beetconnect: :beetconnect: :beetconnect:


The tech can always change direction and be improved. What I like about ICON is the focus on brining adoption to enterprises with solid usecases. The best tech isn’t going to go anywhere if the teams aren’t actively working to bring users their technology. If better tech proves to be more useful, a project can always adopt it in the future.


What I like about ICON is the focus on brining adoption to enterprises with solid usecases

I don’t see how ICX does this anymore than the next dapp platform.