Agilmine- UltraMiner FPGA


UltraMiner is the first open project that offers a high performance Xilinx Ultrascale+ Kintex FPGA development board at an affordable price point. It is ideal to be used in applications requiring high intensity computation effort and high speed network access interface.

We are determined to tackle the #1 frustration faced by many hobbyists: There is no trustworthy FPGA project that can give you a 16nm Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA dev board without costing you an arm and a leg.

This is their Indiegogo Campain go chech it out.

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What can you get from this project?

The ultimate goal of this project is to deliver you a shinny Xilinx UltraScale+ Kintex FPGA board at below 400 USD !

We understand the price model of the top line Xilinx FPGA device is not so friendly to FPGA hobbyists and developers. You typically find a FPGA evaluation board of UltraScale+ family line in the price range between two to five thousands dollars, limiting its access to hobbyists who want to unleash the amazing power of the top notch FPGA device, or developers/students who want to learn programming skills to build a professional career for the future.

We also have observed there are frequent scams, broken promises, misleading information in the field of custom built FPGA projects causing a lot of frustration in the hobbyist community… there is no easy way a hobbyist can find a trustworthy FPGA builder that they can invest into for their projects.

This is what originally motivated us to launch the campaign on Indiegogo, which is known to have an open and trust relationship between the backers and builders, and we believe the momentum of a successful executed campaign can help secure a competitive pricing scheme from the FPGA manufacturer which will further benefit our backers. We are trying to hit two birds with one stone here!

A quick overview of UltraMiner FPGA, we will go through more technical details in later sections:

Key Features of UltraMiner FPGA

A custom-built low cost/high performance FPGA accelerator card with 16nm Xilinx Ultrascale+ Kintex KU3P. Multi-functional PCIe card ideal to be used at home for algorithm/data mining, high performance computation, networking and high frequency trading application.

We will be making two models, the Core model is ideal for computational intensive algorithm implementation, offering the best computational performance output per Watt and per Dollar . The Network models has dual high speed network optic transceivers assembled to further expend its usage to networking and financial trading fields.

Core Model: (Best Performance Per Watt Per Dollar)

  • Xilinx UltraScale+ Kintex KU3P (356K LC)
  • PCIe Gen 3 x8 connector (64Gb/s max bandwidth)
  • DDR4 260 pin SODIMM socket (170Gb/s max bandwidth, 32GB max capacity)
  • Micro USB connector for FPGA programming and serial communication
  • JTAG connector for debugging
  • High-current power solution and efficient heat dissipation design to satisfy the most computation resource demanding applications

Network Model:

  • Everything included in Core Model!
  • Dual QSFP+ (40Gb/s) or QSFP28 (100Gb/s) optical transceiver interface

SW support (both models):

  • Free webpack license for Vivado® Design Suite from Xilinx
  • Free algorithm bitstream files downloaded from our website
  • Open Source bitstream projects to help bootstrap 3rd party algorithm development
  • USB based FPGA programming software
  • Host Software supports Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Embedded Linux (Raspberry Pi)

Hardware Spec and Model Selection Table

Who is Agilmine?

We are a small team of veteran hardware and software engineers experienced in FPGA board development, production management, and cryptographic algorithm implementation. Each of us has more than 10 years of professional working experience in the semiconductor industry, and we are enthusiastic about bringing to light this amazing high performance FPGA accelerator card!

If you want to know more details about us and the potential applications of the Ultraminer FPGA project please check out our website

Where did this project come from?

We came to the idea of building our own FPGA board when we realized there is no easy-to-use and affordable high-performance FPGA development boards available in the market. The application we have been working on requires high FPGA resource utilization resulting in high power consumption, but the FPGA dev boards available on shelf typically comes with weak power supply insufficient for computationally intensive application. There are high-end accelerator type FPGA cards that yeild the power and performance, but all are super expensive found in the price range above $5K and constantly out of stock.

Here comes the Agilmine UltraMiner FPGA project: It is supposed to be a simple board design, with beefed up power supply circuitry, and single USB connection for programming and communication with PC host.

In the past few months, We built a UltraMiner prototype board and it worked!

UltraMiner Prototype A1 in Action

Here is a quick demo video showing how to use if to run algorithms:

A Community Reviewed Project!

We sent some prototype boards to the FPGA hobbyists in bitcointalk forum for review and comments. Here are some video clips shared by the highly respected bitcoin member philipma1957 who helped validated prototype FPGA board functionality:

If you are interested please check out our website for more details



this is a lot of useful info nice!!!



Estimated Mining Hashrate

Below is the estimated mining hashrate performance and power consumption on UltraMiner FPGA board. We have already implemented majority of the algorithm bitstream files, tested and sent the prototype boards to bitcointalk memebers to review and verify. In the future we will continue adding new algorithm support.

We promise there will be free of charge and no Dev fee.



Key Features

The world’s first affordable 16nm Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA board, custom built and crowdfunded for Cryptocurrency Mining, Computation and Network Acceleration and more!

We are making two models, the basic core models for mining and generic computation acceleration, and network models for industrial networking application. Please check our Indiegogo campaign page for much more details!

Ultraminer FPGA Core Model (Crypto Mining Version)

HW Spec:

  • Xilinx UltraScale+ Kintex KU3P (356K LC)
  • PCIe Gen 3 x8 connector (64Gb/s max bandwidth)
  • DDR4 260 pin SODIMM socket (170Gb/s max bandwidth, 32GB max capacity)


  • 1.5x GPU equivalent mining performance at 1/10 power consumption
  • Multiple mining algorithm support; Active development. NO DEV fee
  • Small, Portable, Quite, Low heat, perfect for setting up a powerful mining rig at home
  • Simple USB only connection for mining, no need to mess with PCIe
  • Mining host software with cross platform support on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Embedded Linux enabled devices (Raspberry Pi)
  • Most important: A REAL product verified by reputable bitcointalk forum members!

Ultraminer FPGA Network Model

  • Everything Core Model has!
  • Plus Dual QSFP+ (40Gb/s) or QSFP28 (100Gb/s) optical transceiver modules for network application


when are you getting one. I want it.



stay tuned for tonight live stream i have some news for everyone :+1:



Update on the chart on their website. They will be adding the new Lyra2REV3 Algo , AKA “Vertcoin” Fork



keep me updated I want fpga to mine now LOL. I can’t wait must mine in the bear market it will be too late when bulls hit.



FPGA Update 02/16/2019

  • Update on the webpage adding Lyra2REV3 VertCoin at 75mh/s per card at 50W
  • Current plan is to have the core version shipped in May, and network version released in Jun and July.
  • They just placed order for fpga sample parts today through xilinx distributor, we will be hoping to make demo boards soon
  • They are looking into if there is a feasible approach to support GRIN and new Monero algo (through memory extension card). still in concept stage
  • I’m Currently Working on a profitability Chart for the cards.


A work in progress but here is a snapshot



Well I think its done cant find some of the algos calculators but o well gives you a good ball park of what a single card can do running with the cost of $0.10kw/h and the cost of the card set at $400.00, No pool Fee set