Air Coin, Funds, Li Xiaolai's leaked recording reveals coin circle 'underpants'

I believe Li is talking about the truth from his heart. Many third party sources happen to confirm his points.


  • Success is defined by profit through investment or speculation. World view is ‘useless’.
  • The astronomical ETH price increase was due to the sudden ban on BTC/CNY exchange by the Chinese central bank.
  • Ripple success was a speculation of the softbank investment fund. Li lost 1.2 million XRP during registration in 2013.
  • There is no value investment here, and everything in the cryptocurrency circle depends on ‘fudging’.
  • Litecoin succeeded with one PR line: ‘Silver(LTC) to gold (BTC)’.
  • Prioritise on network traffic volume: Become an Internet personality first.
  • Li Xiaolai’s personal success cannot be copied, and it is difficult to copy in the cryptocurrency circle in the future.
  • the success of many coins are depending on one ‘spin doctor’: Qtum, Tron, NEO. Li, himself, is one for EOS;
  • Shuai Chu(Qtum’s CEO. Li helped the speculation of Qtum for 6 months), Sun Yuchen (Tron’s Justin Sun) released ‘air coins’, Da Hongfei (NEO’s CEO. NEO is written in C# that only runs on Windows servers) had liquidated his own NEO long ago; Zhao Changpeng (Binance CEO) had poor character and faked resume.
  • The speculative fund in the cryptocurrency market fools of ‘foreigners’.
  • If the (Chinese) policy allows, crypto wallets are the business of the banks and Alipay; the largest currency will be the Q coin(by Tencent); the biggest crypto exchange will still be the two major exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen; there would have been no grass root crypto circle without the Chinese crypto ban.

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Original audio:

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