Airdrop- Pigzbe

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Pigzbe airdrop!
This is a quick an easy airdrop, really good project I have been following as I’m sure a few of you have, Pigzbe.
They have their ICO coming soon, if you’re interested too. I’ll put links below.

I like a bit of free money and airdrops are great for everyone, if you found any of this information useful please consider my telegram friend referal:



In a nut shell Pigzbe is a project aimed at children and blockchain/ piggy bank education
They have a hardware wallet/gaming device where kids can earn money (Pigzbe pink), the parents also have hardware (Pigzbe black) where they have oversight and can deposit money into the child’s account.
They team have won awards and have working devices, look promising but as always, do you own research!
Airdrop is free either way, if you don’t want the risk. Hope everyone is well in this current market.

Much love Pub,


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