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Just wanted to start a thread about vinyl and vintage equipment.

I for one have a few LPs and pieces of vintage equipment that is love to sell for BTC or trade.


Wow, now I really feel old, didn’t realise that Vinyl was vintage now :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a ton of Vinyl, I use to DJ at a Football club and collected over 2000 vinyl albums and another 4000 odd singles. Still got them all, never could bring myself to sell them.

Also still have the 12 inch LD Karoke system, they were a hit back in the day and a few hundred LD’s to go with it from those days with music you can strangle a cat to, over your favourite Shoju. Most of them are in English, though a few are in Japanese.

I guess one day I will sell it all off, it just sits in storage, but there is so many great memories there, it’s hard to part with it all.

Stay Fishy


Give it up for DJ Fishy! :sunglasses::cd::loud_sound:


Picked up some nice JBL S99 Lancers. They were bought used in 72. Makes me the 3rd owner.

Also last week I acquired a metered Dynaco ST400 in Memphis. I’m also the third owner and the unit is minty for being 40 years old.

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