Algorithmically describing wedges

While I’m doing less and less manual trading due to building bots to do my work for me, there’s one trading pattern that still makes more for me in a few hour’s time than the bots do and that’s the wedges…like this one on DASH today:

The bots tend to be more about quant trading than pattern/TA trading, and I’ve tried to reason out how one my elegantly describe a wedge mathematically so that a trading bot can find 'em and trade 'em.

Anybody have some ideas or thoughts about how to go about it? Its problems like this that really highlight how good humans are at finding patterns in seemingly random data and noise.


Have you thought about putting together a Yen account to sell your bots?


I really haven’t decided what to do with the bots yet. There are definitely some strategies I don’t want to sell because everybody exercising same strategy neutralizes the edge a particular strategy has. However, that’s not to say that all strategies are off limits.

One train of thought in the back of my mind, because of the Prospero open source project I’ve started is that they eventually make their way on the the platform by way of strategy plugins, which I might indeed sell as “premium strategies,” while making the simpler strategies freely available and open source. The “for profit” purchases could, of course, go via


Oh, and another thing weighing on what to do: I’m not a financial advisor and definitely don’t have any licenses or certification to speak of in the field. No idea how the law plays with building and selling tools for financial management. I figure at least with the open source project, it’s not being sold for a profit and is freely available to anyone to use, inspect and can be provided with absolutely no warranties or guarantees under such conditions.

I do have to admit, though…bots printing cryptocurrencies with zero user support headaches is far outstripping the idea of selling 'em. Just as @Mike_Fishy pointed out about his own – there’s a huge amount of work to take them from “hobby” to business, especially where security, uptime, and durability is concerned. When it’s just you and your bots, it’s just you and your risks and nobody else’s.


Small groups are more powerful than large… a trusted group of 20 people may just be the side hustle you need.


Truth! Gotta get my house in order before truly considering this in earnest. Right now, I’m content to print, ahem, earn cryptocurrency without worrying about other’s opinions or expectations, let alone their funds and security. I’m moving back to Georgia in a month’s time, so definitely serving up a full plate for next quarter.


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