AltcoinFantasy Contest!

What is Altcoin Fantasy?

Altcoin Fantasy is a simulator game that will let you test your skills as a cryptocurrency trader. We are a cryptocurrency simulation that allows you to make virtual cryptocurrency trades. No experience needed! The winners will get 150,000 ACF Points for this contest. We have been running 30+ weekly contests and the prize pool keeps on growing! In addition, top traders will also get ACF Points that they can use to redeem for prizes. Check out the prizes page for more information.

How does Altcoin Fantasy work?

You start with virtual cash (in USD currency) to spend on cryptocurrencies. Make your picks from the coins out there you think will perform the best (for this contest we are using the coins from the Binance). Adjust your holdings throughout the contest by buying and selling different cryptocurrencies. The players with the highest net worth (in USD) at the end wins!

How much does this cost? What’s the catch?

Nothing! Altcoin Fantasy and The Bitcoin Pub partnered together to bring you this exciting contest.

What is the Bitcoin Pub and how do I find more information?

The Bitcoin Pub is the best Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency community on the internet! From technical discussion to watercooler talks, The Bitcoin Pub is the place for all discussions about cryptocurrencies. Visit them at

Get more info [here](](!


This sounds like fun.


Hi gang,

Tom with Altcoin Fantasy here – I’m one of the founders and I just want to take a brief moment to talk about Altcoin Fantasy and my motivations for creating the simulation game.

Altcoin Fantasy is an educational platform aimed at teaching people about cryptocurrencies via our cryptocurrency trading simulator game, risk free. Users start with a virtual USD demo account each week, and make trades during the contest period with our educational tools. To make it more exciting, we partner with brands to give away prizes to the top learners/traders.

As most of you on this forum knows, only a few percent of people in the world hold cryptocurrencies and that’s because there’s a general lack of knowledge/awareness about them. We created this platform to help people learn about them. I used to be a game developer at Electronic Arts so that’s why I thought it would be fun to make this into a competitive trading game.

We don’t charge people to join and participate in our contests. Companies sponsor our contests and prizes for the most part. For certain contests, you may need to agree to accept marketing communication from them but you’ll always be able to opt-out.

I’m happy to answer any questions anyone has – and any suggestions are welcome!





Really appreciate this. I have lost a bit of enthusiasm of day trading recently. Perhaps this would give me a little bit of a reenergisation.

Thanks Tom for this learning opportunity.


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