AMA - GIVE COIN - The Grant Hero Foundation

Who We Are
The Grant Hero Foundation team is compromised of technology professionals with a collective average of over twelve years experience from companies such as Microsoft, ATT, Dell, and more.

The foundation’s mission is to provide decentralization, autonomy, and transparency to charitable giving. Ultimately, to ensure accountability while providing those in need with the maximum support from a donor’s gift which enables recipients to reach their full potential.

We are placing the giving power back into the donor’s control and enabling them to dictate their own gift path.

Technology Purpose
Central to the Grant Hero ecosystem is the GIVE Coin, a cryptonized asset and network access token which enable holders to create and award direct personal grants, donate assets for social good, or purchase products and services related to the non-profit industry. The GIVE Coin utilizes GiveChain™, a technology created by Grant Hero that anchors giving data to the blockchain. In other words, provides a receipt of giving history for each donation. This receipt provides irrefutable proof of the giving data recorded at a specific time.

The Grant Hero Foundation, is a decentralized non-profit organization that fosters direct personal giving. Grant Hero enables donors to create and award personal grants direct to recipients, offering complete autonomy and transparency in the giving process.

We would love to answer any questions that you may have. Please visit our crowdsale site for more information: We would appreciate any support by helping spread the word on both the Grant Hero Foundation and the GIVE Coin.


Glad for you to be here!

Can you give us a bit more background on the folks behind the project? What’s their story and why work on this project?


Hi John - Thanks for the question!

Our team, while still small, are primarily technologists (with 10-15+ years of experience each) from companies such as Microsoft, American Airlines, Expedia, Adidas, and more. Most of us met while working at Microsoft and have previous working experience together in various capacities such as marketing, operations, and development. As a non-profit, it’s very difficult for us to attract talent versus large conglomerates such as Facebook, Google, etc. Therefore we have had to build our engineering team offshore to support our budgets while recruiting strong talent. My experience as our founder and previously the Director of US Services Partnerships for Microsoft, involved working with global companies to build engineering capacity to support our consulting projects. So naturally, my relationships and experience enabled us to recruit and build a strong offshore development team for Grant Hero despite these challenges.

As for our story, it began with myself attempting to solve the problem of trust and transparency in the non-profit space. I’ve donated to foundations for years; however, never knew where my funds went, how they were deployed, and how much the intended recipient(s) would receive. With this in mind, I set forth to come up with two solutions for this. Grant Hero which is a platform that enables donors to create / award personal grants to the public for any cause. And the GIVE Coin, a cryptonized asset that achors giving data direct to the blockchain. I shared my vision with others that also have a passion for giving and technology, and that’s how our foundation started.


Giving us links to bios would be great! LinkedIn perhaps?


I have 90,000 GrantCoin (soon to be Mana) Would love to hear more! :cowboy_hat_face:


Our LinkedIn profiles are on our website at and in our whitepaper. :slight_smile:

Just click on our profile pics to get redirected.


I’m sorry but we aren’t associated with GrantCoin. We are the Grant Hero Foundation and have developed the GIVE Coin.


Thanks for posting here. I really like what you guys are doing. This market definitely needs some transparency. Keep up the good work. I’ll be following you guys closely.


This looks rather promising & impressive. High Five Guys


Thank you. We appreciate your support. For those that may not have read through our whitepaper, our GIVE Coin is not only a means of exchange for our platform. But it also has utility in that we anchor giving data directly to the blockchain (using our GiveChain technology), offering complete transparency of donated funds including amount and recipient. While our Grant Hero direct grant platform has already been developed, we are also building an ecosystem of partners, merchants, and foundation outside of our platform that will accept the GIVE Coin through our API as well. We envision a scenario one day where you can directly and instantly donate GIVE Coin to someone in need across the world. From there, the receipient can use GIVE Coins to pay a medical bill, etc.


Thank you for your kind words and support Angela.


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