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Who YOU are

Hi, I am Alexis Kratko.
During 10 years of work in email marketing and lead generation, I have thoroughly studied all peculiarities of the market, its challenges and the means to address them. I have brought the platform from the idea development stage to its commercialization.

Your role

CEO & Founder

The vision of the company

We see our mission as changing the outdated methods of lead generation to new approach that reflects the realities faced by modern businesses. We seek to provide much needed and greatly demanded high-quality data with constantly updated information. Similarly, we want to change the approach for working with data suppliers by recognizing their interests and motivations in selling data and keeping it up to date.

The purpose of the technology

Snovio aims to develop decentralized lead generation
technology raised upon the idea of crowdsourced data collection and
blockchain technology.
Service will reduce costs for search and validation of the audience required by business. Such search will be performed by an agent upon request. The agent will be motivated by receiving ERC20 token SNOV for
work performed and accepted.
Our team uses popular development technologies and databases like
PHP, Python, JavaScript, Angular, MySQL, MongoDB, Reddis, RabbitMQ,
Laravel, Elastic Search.
Currently, our MVP (minimum viable product) has core modules of the
system which are already in active commercial exploitation, such as email
search and verification, adding new data to the system (currently without
the financial motivation by tokens). We continue to work on the most
critical piece on system decentralization and storage of the most
important information with blockchain technology.
Our Roadmap

The problem it aims to solve

  1. Sources of Information Lack Transparency.
  2. Data Exclusivity.
  3. Poor Quality Leads.
  4. Inability to receive real-time updates.
  5. Utter opacity.

What kind of problem, market deficiency or opportunity inspired us to launch the project?

  1. Searching for prospects or leads takes too much time and effort, and searching for specific groups of people (like female divers from Hawaii) is almost impossible with regular lead generation tools
  2. when one buys a lead, they often just waste their money for irrelevant or outdated information. The quality of leads is mostly poor, and sending an email campaign to such lists often leads to 40% and higher bounce rates.
  3. an absence of a place that would regulate a price for a lead in a decentralized manner, reward data suppliers proportionally for their contribution and provide transaction transparency (data suppliers have no control over leads generated by them)

How will Snovio address this problems in a unique way?

  1. Snovio brings automatization to time consuming process of lead sourcing by introducing a decentralized database fulfillment mechanism and unique marketplace model fueled with SNOV tokens. Decentralized database fulfillment - people install our chrome extension to their browsers, surf internet, and the contact data is being automatically sent to the database Marketplace model fueled with SNOV tokens - a client places an order and sets a price in SNOV tokens. E.g. He needs 100 profiles of cat lovers from Danver. 100 slots for this data can be fulfilled by data suppliers (they can use any tools they have, not only snovio), then they are rewarded proportionally for their contribution from the tokens allocated for this order.
  2. Snovio immediately shows clients the source of the data they are interested in as well as the time of its collection, including the number of times that data was sold, previous clients’ reviews, etc. All of this increases the trustworthiness and the quality of the services offered to our clients. Also at Snovio tracking data updates is a fundamental part of the system’s functionality and its competitive edge.
  3. At our lead generation marketplace a client will offer a price for their order, and data suppliers will fulfill the order if they consider this price fair. We will reward data suppliers with 70% of revenue for the data that was automatically collected by them and then sold to the client.
    All transactions on the platform are conducted via the smart contract, and are stored in the blockchain. The smart contract ensures fair reward distribution. Also the smart contact is important when it comes to marketplace - the contributors are confident that they will get a reward after fulfilling an order, as this is programmed in the smart contract.
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