Amazing coinbase ad



I saw this on Reddit recently. Quite impressive given how much information they managed to pack into just a few minutes.

Cryptocurrency: The future of finance and money (Coinbase)

Yep it is an amazing add. They should play that constantly in the mainstream media.
I still don’t like Coinbase though.


I can genuinely see that advertisement helping people understand a lot more of what we’re doing. The gate keeper removal tool that is crypto is represented in that ad. Some people would say that Coinbase is a centralized point of failure, But I say it’s hard work, and they’re doing that work. If you can do a better job go prove it;-) A lot of people are working on scaling solutions other people are working on adoption. The truth is if you don’t have adoption you can scale all the way to the moon but it won’t mean anything. So I think adoption is even bigger than scaling and Coinbase is a key part of that adoption undeniably…


You are correct about everything you said.
I personally have had issues with Coinbase in the past. They politely failed to fix the issue.
That is why I don’t like them.
I also feel like Coinbase is not going to act in the best interest of crypto for very long. I feel like they will completely sell out.
They are getting progressive now, because other exchanges are taking their market share. Like a Varsity Senior bullying a undersized Freshman.


It’s ok. Coinbase can do as it do. It’s helping the larger cause… which ensures our wins are even greater!


Agreed. I don’t use CB, but this ad is very generalized and caters to the entire crypto market sector. It’s a polished and concise introduction that could attract a lot of newcomers. :ok_hand:


Your opinion is certainly valid. One question though: can you provide a single short video that introduces cryptocurrency to the masses more effectively than this ad?


@Nathan_D where else you shop for BTC outside of coinbase with fiat. where is the exchange with low withdraw fees?



Shakepay app. No limits, 0.75% fiat to BTC exchange fee, and they cover all BTC transfer costs. Three clicks and I’m done.

I live in Canada though, so I’m not sure how accessible it is in other countries.


Cozy, damn you make me laugh.


I need to look at that. I am in the states so probably available to me.
Although it does sound kind of Shakewieghty.


shakepay app. hmm there website specifically says " The easiest way for Canadians to buy and sell bitcoin"

I buy on coinbasePro no fees when buy as amaker.



Check out Lykke …

If you want to deposit dollars or euros or pounds… Good rates.

Also in the new year will I hope go public… This should be your one stop shop.



Very well done add. I think it could be effective if ran enough.


Shakepay is awsome. Works very well and is surprisingly quick.


Nothing against Coinbase bud, but i went through the whole Poker site and money transfer issues and if I learnt anything from that is that the US will watch and then revoke any sites ability to transfer money across borders at anytime they deem fit.
If your in Canada and buy from Canada then you can have some Justice if things go sideways, you have very little recourse if you try and gain back from a company in the states if they rip you off or if transfers get stuck for any reason at all.

Be Canadian and buy Canadian. It’s not just about pride.