AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 Mining Rig - INCOMING!


To awsner your questions.

Yes, we have the VEGA 56 hashing Ethereum at the same rate as the VEGA 64. Just took some tweaking. but its using the same/similar power and the same hashrate

ETH hashing with AMD cards basically comes down to temp and memory.



At the most energy efficient rates (38-40 MH/s @ 150-175W), we are able to get the VEGA 56 to the same levels as the VEGA 64.

We are unable to get the VEGA 56 to reach the peak hashing levels of the VEGA 64 (43-45 MH/s). so right now, at what seems to be the msot efficient rates, he cards perform the same. that may change however:

-with larger DAGs/difficulty the 64 may start to chart up over the 56
-with new drivers and suppor from both amd and he mining pools he 64’s higher memory clock speed may start to gain an advantage.


If i had to build my rig again id buy 7 RX VEGA 56 cards insead of 6 RX VEGA 64 cards. same cost, more hashing power more renundancy. although i do think we may see a seperationg from the 64. cant go wrong with either card. both ethereum mining beasts that are DAG resistant

if you go with the RX 580 do NOT get the 4GB version. it wont have enough memory o handle the DAG in the near fuure. the 8 GB will be fine. you can maybe squees out more then 26-27 MH/s but it likely wouldnt be worth it with t he big increase in power consumption. but it does come at a lower cost.

if you are going AMD and your cost for a VEGA 56 is $500 id recommend that.

another consideration for going with the 64 over the 56 is resell value. while it may not matter for mining, gamers will prefer the Vega 64 and it will likely go for more when you need to sell them


yes, i know that, if i buy, i will only buy 8gb.
I’m thinking among these three. if i buy 7 vega 56 or 6 vega 64, i must include min 1500$ for power. am i right ?

Edit: vega 56 costs 530$


1500$ for power…?


mistake, not only for power, for all other parts.

I count on the basis my friend who has vega64 and his card spends around 350w.
That is reason because i have joined to this discussion.

I definitely give up on vega 56, because is small difference in cost between 64.
now, i’m thinking about 8x Rx 580, 6x vega64 or 8x vega 64.
for vega, i must find 3 PS, but witch ?


VEGA might draw 350W out of the box with some basic tweaks you will be getting 38-40 MH/s @ 150-175W

as far as “other parts” a motherboard, processesor, PSU, Risers, memory can all be purchased for under $500 total.

you dnt need 3 powers supplies for the VEGAs. ive run all 6 of mine on one 1200W poer supply. but i would reccommend 2 of them. this way you have redundancy. id suggested platinum rated server power supplies. you can buy them from server supply and the breakboard from parralell miner of the whole kit all from paralell miner:

id suggest rrading my “mining for dummies” guide. it has info on hardware.



what kinda ram are you using 4gb or 8gb? :smiley: i want to buy 4 vega 64 myself :slight_smile: is 1300W enough ?


I use 8 GB. but thats only because i had it laying around. you could get away with 4 although RAM is cheap either way.

im running 5 VEGA at 855W. so 1300W would be more then enough although i reccommend to PSUs either way


is it today diff to mine increased ? :open_mouth:


it is always increasing


yes, i know that.
but today with 6 vega 64 you can get only 285$ without power cost.


you should get more then that. with 5 of them I’m getting roughly 1.2 ETH per month which is like $330 USD


have you tried to mine monero with 64 ? i have heard that are very good, better then for ETH


I second Monero mining with the Vega cards. Profits are a lot higher then mining ETH. 6 cards right now should net you in the $500 USD range per month.


is there a pool or software you can recommend?


im using 8 GB

1300W is more then enough


I personally use the CryptoNight algorithm in Nicehash.


Jason, tell us now, how works 64 ? do you have vega 56 ?
did you try to mine XMR ?
and what are you mining now ?


jason what are risers you using for vega ?


i used these