AMD RX580's - The best ROI Card - IMHO


I thought i would write this to help others when looking at what cards to buy for there Rig(s). Its a long post as i tend to rant… :wink:… but trust me… if you want to get max hash rate with minimal power consumption and use cheap GPU’s… keep reading…

I’m fairly new ( Dec 2017 ) to Rig building, in fact i’m still on my first which is only a month old so i dont have a huge amount of practical time on rig building but during the last month i have put a huge amount of time into tweaking, changing, trying settings and i think i have come up with great working solution.

For those that are interested, this is my post on building my rig which includes specs etc.

So, the AMD RX 580 GPU. I selected this card as its pretty cheap when compared to some of the Nvidea alternatives. I’m based in the UK and at the time of writing i can pick RX580’s up for around £220 ( inc VAT ) for a 4Gb model.

So 4Gb Cards… i can hear everyone yelling at me now saying thee the wrong cards… I chose 4Gb cards as initially this was an experiment to see what all teh fuss was about with mining… i never thought i would get so addicted and i wanted to keep my costs low. What a lot of people will tell you is to go with the 8Gb Cards… for the specific reason that they are not much more money but primarily because the DAG on ETH will soon be over 4Gb.

I disagree… not with needing 8Gb Cards but the DAG thing isn’t an issue… at the time of writing DAG is just over 2.5Gb… at the current rate it will not get over 4Gb until late 2019… by then i expect to have to replace my cards as they are running flat out.

However… one thing i have discovered is the RAM on an 8Gb card runs around 1000mhz faster than a 4Gb… This is VERY important as RAM speed = Hash Power… the more Hash Power you have the quicker the ETH is mined… the quicker the Eth is mined the quicker the dosh rolls in…

So Quick RAM = more Hash Power which is the real reason you need 8 Gb cards… but not because of DAG… although it will help increase the life time of the GPU…

Anyway… i digress… As i mentioned at the start of this post… i have spent a great deal of time changing and trying different settings which is you want to maximise any RIG… you should do the same… you invested in hardware… do the same with your time and config.

I now believe i have the best config for my RIG and thats what i want to pass onto the pub.

My rig now runs 7 Cards… which is 4 more that the original post… and yes… i am now addicted to mining … yes it does make me money… and yes… IT IS VERY COOL…:rofl:

When i first got the 7 cards running, @ImaginaryPi you were right… anything above 4 is not without its huffing and puffing… the rig was running at 1340 watts… :scream: but i was running a hash rate of 219 Mh/s

I worked out that the core rig uses around 120 watts to run without any GPU’s mining so that was around 175 watts per card… i knew the cards used more power than an RX480 but even i thought that was high…

Sorry i should have mentioned… i only mine ETH and i use Claymore as my chosen software

So… after lots of reading of the Claymore config setting options and trying several of them i now have a rig needing 37% less power than its original config and i only reduced its output by 1 Mh/s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The rig now runs 3 x Gigabyte RX580’s 4Gb and 4 x Sapphire Nitro Plus OC 4Gb… the ONLY reason i have a mix is the Sapphires were bought later the the original kit and they were a bit cheaper…

They both have the same memory speed which is 1750 Mhz per Gb ( 7000 Mhz in total ). the Gigabytes CPU run at 1340 Mhz, the Sapphires as they are OverClock models run at 1411… out of the box.

NOTE - CPU speed is irrelevant… when choosing your card you going to under clock them anyway

My Rig is now running with a memory speed of 2130 Mhz for each card and 0.870 Volts and CPU of 1200mhz and 0.960 Volts… compare that to the original and it should make some sense.

I also run a custom BIOS… now this isn’t as scary as it sounds… simply save the original BIOS and then open it up in some software called Polaris and click on 1 click setting button… save it and apply it back to the GPU. If anyone isn’t sure on how to do this post a comment and I’ll write a more in depth set of instructions with links to the software apps you will need. :grin:

Why… well as i said earlier… faster memory = more Hash Power… and under volting everything - less power…

Depending on what model of cards you run you may need to / be able to alter some of these settings to suit. In essence play around with the settings i’m going to show you below and increasing or decreasing each one in values of 5… when claymore stops loading properly you have found the limit… crank it back a little and you have the sweet spot… Simples…

This is my Claymore config

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal ETH WALLET ADDRESS -epsw x -mode 1 -etha 0 -cclock 1190 -mclock 2130 -mvddc 870 -cvddc 960 -tt -60 -fanmin 50 -platform 1 -powlim 20

If you want to know what each command does… download Claymore and open the file… its all listed in there

This shows Claymore in action… check out that Hash Rate

Reason i keep going on about the hash rate… most people only get around 29Mh/s … and use more power

This shows power consumption… Ignore everything other than current power as they all refer to old settings

NOTE - Invest in a TP Link powerSmart Plug… it has saved my bacon several times as it allows me to remote power off the plug if the rig crashes etc… obviously my rig is not at home… :smirk:

Now these screeshots are from some software called GPUz which allows you to get get more in-depth info on your GPU’s

GigaByte Cards

Sapphire cards

Power… for those that are interested… i pay £0.125 per KwH… my rig is running at around 973 watts per hour so £0.12 per per hour to run…£2.91 per day and £87.57 pr month

At 218 Mhs i generate 0.05 Eth every 34.8 hours… stats taken from Ethermine site… based on 870 hours per month thats 1 Eth every 25 days.

Eth is going up hence why its great to mine but based on current value which is 476 Bucks… or in English :wink:… £354… minus power costs thats £266 profit every 25 days

So for those that are asking is mining is profitable… your dam right it is :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

Hang on… whats about rig costs… what about them… it’s an investment… some people want there money back as soon as possible… well your wrong… you rig will last 3 years, maybe more… the right way to do it is to write off the rig cost over the 3 years… My rig with all 7 cards cost around £1800 plus VAT so if you have to pay VAT… thats £2160… spread over 3 years thats £60 a month…

So…after a month i have learned a huge amount… had great fun and now i’m making the monies…

whats next … well now i have overcome the huge power draw i encountered i am ordering 6 more RX580’s but 8Gb models this time. The 8Gb models will allow me to increase memory speed up to around 2250 i’m thinking. I’ll drop one of the Sapphires and run teh rig with 12 cards… which will maximise the main chassis… then who knows… all i know is the more rigs you have the mow monies you make…

Hope this helps both existing owners of RX580 rigs and those looking to getting into mining… feel free to comment.

PS… if you going to buy 8Gb RX580’s you need to check out the spec and ONLY buy the ones with 8000Mhz memory speed ( or 2000Mhz per Gb )… if you don’t you may as well save some pennies and buy the 4Gb models.

Cheers… PigsFoot

Samsung NOT the best GPU memory

Thanks so much for putting this together! Tweeted!


No worries… happy to help the puuuub…


Great post, I have just purchased a AS Rock BTC pro 2.0 and am looking for cards and power supplies now.


Pigsfoot - I have just gotten an RX 580 and I’m stalled at 15 mhz - can you give me the instructions and links to the custom bios


Hey @caerbannogkitty, are you running Windows or Linux. Even with the latest blockchain drivers you should see at least 25 Mhs.

If in Windows, install the latest AMD driver, when installed open the AMD Radeon settings console, click on Gaming at the top and then Global Settings. Once Open click on GPU Workload and change Graphics Card to Compute. Click Yes when asked and wait. Once changed reboot the rig and run up Claymore again.

To BIOS Update you will need a couple of software apps.

ATI WinFlash

Make sure you use the Polaris one as there are several alternatives

Use ATI Win Flash to make a back up of the factory BIOS
Open that BIOS in Polaris and click on One Click Timing Patch, Click Yes when asked… it should be twice as the card you have runs two different memory settings
Save the updated BIOS
Open ATI Win Flash again and open the new BIOS you just created
Click on Program
WAIT… it will take 30 - 60 seconds to flash the BIOS
When finished reboot

Run up Claymore again…

Get back to me with an update on hash rate… along with your Claymore command line and i’ll respond with another update and tweaks… if needed.

When finished i fully expect that card to run around 31 Mhs at no more than 130 watts per card

Good luck…


oh yah -

so making sure I had compute set up bumped me from 16 to 19 mhz but your flash update got me to at least 29.5 mhz/29.8m - I also did a “adjust windows page file” setting that probably didn’t matter since I run 32GB but anyways

Much better - not 31 but MUCH better

I may dual mine decred with this card but that shouldn’t make much of a difference I assume - it’s my home pc so I’m going to just set a continuous fan (40% or so) and it’ll probably run about 55-60C but otherwise it ramps up and goes down :slight_smile: - GPUZ says my power draw is 93.5 W right now which again - since it’s just my home pc (can’t afford or justify a mining rig yet) -

I’ll give you my cli and my anticipated cli for Decred - if it kills my ethereum hashrate too much I’ll just let it go now that Eth is comign in near $700

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal -epsw x -mode 1 -etha 0 -cclock 1190 -mclock 2130 -mvddc 870 -cvddc 960 -tt -60 -fanmin 50 -platform 1 -powlim 20

and I suspect for decred it’ll be like this

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal -epsw x -dpool -dwal -dpsw x -dcri 25 -etha 0 -cclock 1190 -mclock 2130 -mvddc 870 -cvddc 960 -tt -60 -fanmin 50 -platform 1 -powlim 20


dual mining didn’t hardly affect my actual hash rate at all fyi - but it did kick my gpu up to 111w more or less

this patch almost doubled my Decred hash rate too I’m noticiing

only downer is this fan is so loud on the card for a pc I built to be silent but I’m in a noisy room right now anyways - LOL


one final update and then if Pigsfoot has any last recommends before I blow all my BTC profit on mining gear - LOL

  • I can totally multitask and type while running the miner now - couldn’t do that with my Nvidia 970 - that means 24/7 operation - like unliess I fire up BF4 again someday

I killed the decred mining - for two reasons

    • I don’t think it pays very much - the pool I’m in is doing a 3rd of the hashing but I think I get like 10 cents for every block found - bleh

2 - it’s not the extra 20W/hr that bugs me as much as the added heat requires me to double the fan speed from 40 to 80% - I think I have a spare fan lying around I’ll throw in the case - so much for a quiet fractal design pc - LOL - I’m hoping to keep it around 60C for this card - that’s probably where I wanna stay, right?

now if only I had enough power to stick my GTX 970 in there but if I can sell it on craigslist - hey…that’s as good as getting a RX 580 for almost half cost :smiley:


Awesome job @caerbannogkitty.

Interesting to see your thoughts on dual mining, my own personal thoughts mirror yours. The fact that you use more power, the ETH hashrate drops slightly and also, did you know the Dev fee also doubles on Claymore when your dual mine. When you take all that into account and also the naff return on mining the second coin… its just not worth the effort. I also have the added cost of the pool i’m in also doubles its fees… :scream:

One thing i would say is take some time to read the Claymore manual, its the read me file in the Claymore root folder. It lists all the various options and explains each one. your current config

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal -epsw x -mode 1 -etha 0 -cclock 1190 -mclock 2130 -mvddc 870 -cvddc 960 -tt -60 -fanmin 50 -platform 1 -powlim 20

looks great to me… and your power consumption seems reasonable… the next step is to fine tune your PC… get the max out of it while balancing power usage against mining. The cclock and cdddv settings are bang on. The ones to play around with are mclock and mvddc.

mclock is the speed at which you mine… the 580 will support up to 2150 if your lucky, BUT it only works when used in conjunction with mvddc which is the power you give to the card. Altering these settings will allow you to reach the holy grail of 31 Mhs.

All my RX580s are currently running at around 31.5 ish per card on a 6 card rig… My average total Mhs rate is 189.7 :smirk:… and more importantly… it is stable…

As a suggestion up you cclock to 2140 and mvddc to 940… this will use quite a bit more power so once your happy its running fine start to back off the power in increments of 5… when you notice the hashrate lower significantly or just crash jump back up a little and thats the sweet spot.

There are several other settings you could use but with a single card they wont really make much difference.

I will also say that even if you have all identical cards they will all need tuning individually, to get the hashrate i listed above every card has its own setting to maximize profit.

Don’t just go for Mhs either… you will only get a higher hash rate buy using more power… more power cost money so you got to try and get the balance right… unless you dont pay for power than ramp that sucker up… :rofl:.

lastly… the most important thing you want to achieve is stability… there’s nothing more frustrating than a rig that crashes… if this happens back the cclock down or up the mvddc a little

great work, glad to hear the changes helped and keep on mining…



Sorry, one last piece of advice… buy one of these

Mine have more than paid for themselves… You can see just how much power the rig is using… and also if it does crash and your out… turn the plug on off and on again via the app… just make sure you have Claymore in your startup folder and away you go

If you do put Claymore into the start up folder add the following line

timeout /t 60

This will delay Claymore starting for 60 seconds or you hit a key to start immediately… its useful in case you dont want to run claymore and you can cancel if you need to or if you need to TeamViewer onto the PC to make a setting change to stop it from crashing again…


well, now I’ve got the bug and I’m trying to sell the wife on “You have to spend money to make money”

power here in winter is .11 cents a kwh and I may be moving to a place with half that power cost - so assuming I’m not trying to run a 1200 Watt beast, I should be able to set up 6 cards and keep it under 1000 watts if these cards stay consistent?

but then there’s full motherboard/processor/ps/memory overlays needed - I do have the spare HD and OS to make it happen

This box is my home pc so I will def. get a tp-link if I set up a rig - as it stands I’m in front of this 90% of my day so I’ll see if it goes down and yes, stability over mhz right now is a big deal on it - so I may try to play with a tiny bit more clock speed but I won’t risk stability over 1mhz - if I was really good i’d find a p.o.s. pc on craigslist for 40 bucks and put my gtx970 in it - LOL

don’t know how long ethereum prices are going to be that high so if I pull trigger I gotta pull it soon…I can get 5 more of these cards on Amazon for $299 each -

gratsi - I may come back to this if and when I get a full setup going - that bios tweak totally did it -



It does sound like you’ve caught the bug. There is a lot of bargain hunting that you can do. I’m not sure about 1000 watts for the 6 cards but there have been some driver updates lately that have apparently reduced the wattage required.

Don’t over extend your household budget. It goes without saying but be responsible and make sound decisions.

I’m glad you are speaking with your wife about it and not trying to charge up credit cards behind her back.


welp - talked it over with the wife - going to start out with just 3 cards and ramp up from there - I kinda think I shoulda got a bigger PS - (750W gold) but I might diversify and when I get 3 more cards get the 2nd power supply so it’s not all eggs in one basket

parts will be rolling in the next couple weeks and hopefully Ethereum will just skyrocket in price :slight_smile:


Hey so Pigfoot question for you

At single Ethereum mining I’m averaging about 30.2 MH - at dual I’m actually hitting 30.3 (30.6 when the screen goes to sleep - I need to find an hdmi cable and get off the card)

my wattage is 95w single vs. 115 watt dual - I figure I’ll get a decred every 60 days which might justify the additional wattage

but can I get up to 115 wattage ethereum mining?’

I never tweaked much past these settings - I raised mvdcc to 940 - what’s interesting is basically the power requirements of the card are the same in both batch files except for…

single miner

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal <ETHkey/rig> -epsw x -mode 1 -etha 0 -cclock 1190 -mclock 2150 -mvddc 940 -cvddc 960 -tt -60 -fanmin 50 -platform 1 -powlim 20

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal <ethkey/rig> -epsw x -dpool -dwal w -dpsw x -dcri 25 -etha 0 -cclock 1190 -mclock 2150 -mvddc 940 -cvddc 960 -tt -60 -fanmin 50 -platform 1 -powlim 20

I mean…if I could add 20 more watts to my ethereum mining instead…might be worth a tweak -



Hi @caerbannogkitty, apologies for the delayed response, busy time of year.

HDMI - i use one of these - Headless HDMi Apaptor

With regards to your GPU’s, what driver are you using. There seems to be an issue with the new 17.12.1 version in that Claymore can not manage the power settings on the cards. I have had to revert back to 17.11.1

Personally i woudl back your -mclock settings down a little, maybe 2130 / 2130. Everything else looks fine.

Try adding these commands to your confi file - " -gser 2 -dcri 6 "

-gser helps stabilise the DAG activation on load
-dcri 6 helps increase hash rate - you can try other numbers too, my rig run with dcri 5

With these settings i generally get 31.5 ish… some cards a little lower, other higher. It seems every card is different and my rig now run with 8 cards. all RX 580’s 4Gb

I cant really help with dual mining as i only only min Eth, Dual mining in my opinion isnt worth the extra power usage / commission charges and reduction in Eth… especially when Eth is around 800 bucks… :money_mouth_face:

I woudl also get one of the power plugs i suggested… i would be very surprised if your rig is actually only using 95 watts per card… mine runs 125 / 130… GPUz may be reporting that power but at the plug i think you will find its higher.

Have a great Xmas… let me know if you squeeze anymore out of the GPU…


running 17.11.4 - according to afterburner this is working fine to adjust settings using the batch file -

My actual issue right now is getting HDMI working on the motherboard - LOL - once I do that I’ll look for the plug and I WILL get the power plug

the gser/dcri settins seem to help a bit - gets me up to 30.4 with the monitor on and I’m guessing 30.7 when it goes to sleep - I’ll probably drop the decred beucase I thought I was mining 1 every 50 days and it’s looking like one every 100/150 - at $100 it’s not the worst idea but I want to give the card a rest - I can keep temperatures under 60 without maxing out the fan

in regards to mclock - I was running it without issues at 2150 - I have even tested 2160 but going back to 2140
is miniscule either way - is there a danger in overrunning that clock? -

There’s so many technical things on these video cards - I miss the old days of putting the jumper on the right IRQ setting and setting it up in windows 95 - LOL



in fact, it seems to do 2170 on the mclock - about every +10 results in an increase of a +.1 Mh -

when I do 2180 and the monitor goes to sleep I can do 31.12 mh - it did say it was the OC edition:joy:

any danger in moving the mclock up higher presuming I occasionally bump the mvddc to match?


one last update and then I’ll stand down -

I was getting 31.3 on 2190 mhz - but noticed my stale share rate starting rising on ethermine - to a degree I thought i was getting worse performance

I guess I don’t understand the DAG generation or stale shares and what that means but I went back down to 2140 for now and will enjoy my 30.5 mhz until such time as I start building the miner and will work on lowering some of my power once I get my TP link which I ordered

thanks for all ur input Pigsfoot - I’ll get this actual real miner built somday but to save power I did kill the decred mining - got 3 bucks of it in my wallet - uh yeah?



Glad i could help… re your stale shares… from what i understand a stale share is when someone else ( another pool ?? ) has found the same share and you both start to mine it… rather than the full bonus you only get a part.

I think stale shares are OK to have… but if you see to many maybe you want to look at changing pools… its bad shares you want to avoid… they normally show up in red in Claymore

good luck with getting a full rig up and running… and dont spend all your Decred 3 bucks at once :rofl:

have a good one… ta