AMD RX580's - The best ROI Card - IMHO


now it’s only 2.36 of Decred - WHY DIDN’T I SPEND IT!?!?!?!



I am working on a few rigs with 1070 ti and RX580 cards. For what its worth the 1070 ti is by far the better option price / performance wise.

Seven 1070 ti cards are achieving: 224.5 mh/s @ 780 watts from the wall. This is for the entire system which includes i3 CPU, 8 GB DDRW, 250 GB SSD, ASUS Mining Expert Motherboard

Another rig has six 1070 ti cards and achieving: 194.5 mh/s @ 674 watts from the wall. This is for the entire system which includes i3 CPU, 8 GB DDRW, 250 GB SSD, ASUS Mining Expert Motherboard


By contrast, I am struggling to get over 185 mh/s with six RX580 Nitro + 8GB cards and they are drawing in total over 800 watts - and this is the cards by themselves since the CPU, System RAM and SSD are on an entire different set of power supplies. GPU-Z / HWINFO is reporting around 94 watts for the cards but my UPS meter and another meter is reporting much higher values. So what is going on? Are the AMD sensors lying / dishonest?

94 x 6 = 564 watts. Where are the other mysterious 300 watts coming from??!

Oh and I am getting errors also! Very disappointing. The 1070 and 1070 ti cards are much less hassle to setup and start making money.


I am testing six RX580 Nitro + cards right now in one rig. There are also seven 1070 ti cards for a total of 13 GPUs. How would you go about identifying which card to tweak? I am not really sure if GPU 0 as identified by ATI Flash is the same GPU 0 that Claymore identifies. I have the 1070 tis plugged into the Asus Mining Expert board from slots 1-7 and the ATI cards from slot 8-13 but Claymore identifies the ATI cards first as 0-5 and the NVidia cards as 6-12. LOL!

I also can’t get the six ATI cards to mine along with the seven 1070 ti cards. If I do the rig freezes up in the beginning before the miner starts mining. It will list the 6 AMD Cards and then freeze at some point.

I have to isolate the cards with the -di switch and then run two instances of Claymore. Each instance is either mining with NVidia or AMD cards. Not a big deal but I thought Claymore could handle AMD and NVidia in the same instance.

You are close to 1000 watts - not a good number for your hash rates. With 1070 or 1070 ti cards you’ll get higher hash rates and close to 200 watts less power consumption.

I do have a question for you. Since you are modifying your claymore settings and adding memory clock rates etc., is it even necessary to modify the BIOS?



The post is about ROI not instant hash rates so lets do some Math… PS… i am totally open to what is the best card. The post is based on my own experiences.

If i were to buy a GTX 1070ti today the cheapest i could get one for is £430.00. I can buy a RX580 for £230.

Lets say the rig ( without GPUs ) cost £400 and as your post mentions you have 7 cards

7 card GTX 1070ti = £ 3410
7 card RX 580 = £2010

Score 1 to the RX580 … based on the Initial outlay costs for the average Crypto Miner…

BTW… I totally get that the RX580 uses more power… the whole internet would also agree with you. So lets do some more math.

I personally pay £0.125 per Kwh for my power

I think your figures for the RX580’s @ 185 Mhs on 6 cards at 800 watts are spot on. I have tweaked my rig further and now have 8 cards @ 1190 watts running 250 Mhs.

RX580’s - So… 800 watts would cost £2.40 per day to run, based on my own 6 cards rigs i would estimate you should be generating 0.05 ETH every 44 hours.

I’m a bit of a excel freak and like to write calculators so here a link to my mining estimator which i’ll also post on the pub main section for others to use

Mining Rig Estimator

So RX580, 7 cards, Profit would be £365 per rig

*** Note i’m using a value for ETH as per the spreadsheet at 630 USD… thats seems like a fair average to allow for fluctuations. For the purpose of of these workings it doesn’t matter as long as we use the same figure throughout.

Therefore ROI woudl be 5.5 months.

GTX 1070Ti - As your hash rate is slightly quicker but i have no way of knowing how fast you mine i will estimate 0.05 ETH at 40 hours…( this may well be wrong by the way but i think its close but its needed for the calculator ) so using the same calculations above and the mining rig estimator and allowing for 111 watts per card ( 0 for rig so i get to 780 watts total )

Profit would be £433 per month, making ROI 7.9 months

To be fair… even if my assumption of 0.05 in 40 hours is wrong you are going to have to go some to get close to 5.5 months… in fact you would need to generate 0.05 ETH in around 30 hours…

** Conclusion **
The RX580 is not only cheaper to buy but they also pay back quicker… you just use a bit more power to run them… still cheaper than throwing 3.5k down to buy the rig though… :money_mouth_face:

I hope that helps… but cool we could look at this… one thing i would agree on… GTX cards do give more options on what to mine as they support the EQUIHASH protocol much better than the RX cards and with your cards i would personally be mining something supported by that… your ROI would be better


Thanks for the quick response. I’ll review it in depth. Which currencies support the equihash protocol? Thanks for that tip I’ll read up on it more.

I paid $479 for my EVGA 1070 ti FTW2 cards and $469 for my EVGA 1070 ti SC cards. I bought the RX580 cards in two batches. First batch cost me $349 each and the second smaller batch I got a great deal and paid $289. Our business also built a 6 GPU rig which includes MSI 1070 cards and for these we only paid $399 a few weeks ago. Those six cards are performing almost identical to the 1070 ti cards: 192.5 mh/s @ 690-710 watts.

For me time is money also. I have spent a few days now trying to get these RX580s to play along and achieve the numbers I would feel good about. With the 1070 cards you load up Afterburner, overclock the memory 600-700 mhz, reduce power to 50-60%, set fans to 50-70% and you are done!

I was hoping for 30 mh/s at under 100 watts per RX580 card which seemed doable after checking out reviews online. And the funny part is the monitoring software does report under 100 watts per card but my UPS shows an additional 200 watts! I really have no clue where these extra watts are coming from. The only thing connected to this UPS are two power supplies, five 120 mm fans, six RX580 cards and six risers cards.

The NVidia power usage is reported the same way with the various software yet the numbers provided by the UPS correlate with the monitoring software. I have not give up on the RX580s but for me personally they have not been worth the hassle.


Hi Pigfoot excellent post very informative for someone like myself starting out on their own rig. Except I am encountering one major issue (also from the UK) availability of RX 580s is almost non existent and costs for those that are available (understandably) have sky rocketed. Would you or those kind members here recommend an alternative card in the absence of securing reasonably priced 580s now.

Many thanks


you ain’t shitting - the RX 580 Armor OC card I bought for $300 is going for almost 600 on Amazon right now - might not be our best time to start mining


You are going to be hard pressed to find a good deal or good price on ANY GPUs right now. If you can get your hands on anything at or above a GTX 1070, buy it. On team red side, if you can get anything above a RX 480 8gb, buy it.

The demand for these cards is really high right now and probably won’t be going down anytime soon. Not financial advice, but what I would do is if I couldn’t get my hands on a GPU now, I would invest more into coins until I could.


Thank you very much really appreciate the advice.


I have occasionally found some gpus on craigslist as well but having said that when I posted my old gtx970 that sucker got 5 hits in two days so I’m not sure how long they’ll last


Hi @itzone, Cards are getting more and more difficult to get and some places are charging through the nose on them too. I was quoted £400 for an Asus dual RX580 8g card the other day… nearly fell of my seat… I guess all i could suggest it to look every day… if not 2 or 3 times a day on some sites…

NewEgg, Amazon, Ebuyer, Scan… are the sites i general trawl

I managed to pick up 36 x RX 580 Sapphire Pulse 8Gb Cards from Amazon on Tuesday for £262 each which was pretty good. I do have an Amazon Business account so i think i get a bit of a deal sometimes.

I notice another 24 came into stock today but within hours had gone…

Don’t get all caught up in certain brands or specs… i ONLY use RX580 and have 4 rigs so far ( the 36 are going toward another 8 ) So far i have Sapphire NItro’s, Gigabyte Gaming, Asus Dual and now these Pulse cards… all need a slightly different setup but non of them run below 30 Mhs.

Also, clock speed is irrelevant which is normally what makes a card more expensive than another… the Pulse cards don’t or didn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar as there in stock more often than others and i’m running my cards are 31.6 Mhs. So far the only cards i wouldn’t buy again is the Asus ones… they simply run to hot.

Good luck with the rig building… keep hunting and i’m sure your find some… but dont buy to many… i need some more…:smirk:


Thank you very much Pigsfoot, that’s quite an insight you must have shares at Amazon :wink: because I pre-ordered the 580x LE start of Jan, and so did a couple of other people I know who have Amazon prime, and now all we are seeing is “currently unavailable”. When we ordered it was Temporarily out of stock. All credit to you, I didn’t know about Amazon Business accounts, but do you think they have preference for those accounts when it comes to stock, because we did order a good while back, and it seems we won’t be getting anything, !

I don’t think you;ve got anything to worry about from me my friend, I only wanted to get 6 together to start off, I feel humbled by the numbers quantities your talking about :slight_smile:

When you quote quantities are you telling me under Amazon Business they show the figures they have in stock?

I stumbled on this forum and your post in particular researching on cards, I am very glad I did. Now if I can just get some cards all the fantastic advice and contributions in your topic will be put to use.


the card I bought on Newegg for $300 is currently unavailable but priced at $650 - jesus - did I miss my shot or what - LOL



I’m not sure how accurate this is, and the mining figures quoted, but still makes interesting reading!


This table are amazing… does the return is actual?
So if we buy 1080Ti for example 800, we run a single gpu for mining, in the end of the month we got about 200 dollar?


I’m actually seeing 1080 ti’s for about $1400 now from retailers.


That’s a lot. In my country, the price is about $1150 usd.


Joined up because I came across this discussion and really liked it and want to discuss overclocking some more. I am new to mining and ended up getting some old r9 290x for a really good deal so pulled the trigger and set up a mining rig. I now have 6 r9 290x, running on a Asus z270a prime. In the near future I’ll be getting some rx580s and following this guide closely to help me improve that hash, and am looking at the Pulse here as well largely because of you (and you’re right, it’s one of the few in stock and a relatively good amount available right now).

That being said, I want to get some advice on specifics of how to go about overclocking, in this case the r9 290xs. Currently they are running about 28.5Mh/s each stock, using roughly 250W. These are huge power hogs so undervolting is a definite part of the plan, but I actually have pretty cheap power so I’m not terribly worried about it. Can you give advice on where to start and maybe a more step by step process to it.

Here’s an idea of what I’m thinking (as well as what I think is a good place to start):
Using MSI Afterburner, lower the core clock first like 50mhz.
Raise the memory as much as possible in 50mhz increments until it artifacts/crashes, then go back to last working version and increase by 10mhz until artifacts/crash. Then go back to last stable and stay there.
Lower core clock now with memory high until artifact/crash.
Lower voltages until artifact/crash.

Does this make sense to you? Do you have suggestions to improve this process. Once you get those values do you then apply that to the BIOS? Do the Bios editor have more input on linking voltage and clock than I realize?

Thank you very much for the help.


you guys should use

I always use that page when I want to hop in a new gen GPU.