AMD RX580's - The best ROI Card - IMHO


IMO that list is as vague as it can gets since it does not show what coin is mining each, power cost, etc


Yes this is pretty much the process. You can stream line this a bit with research and finding some starting numbers but if you really want to tweak it then you are on the right path. You will need to mod your BIOS to get the full potential of AMD cards. This is not a process to be taken lightly though.
Here is a video explaining the BIOS options typically you do the BIOS first because you will be adjusting the memory straps which can affect the memory OC.



Hey @Pigsfoot,

Thanks for the post.

Would love to connect with you offline. As I’m based in the UK and just ordered some bits to get started (I’ve gone down the RX580 route as well). I’ve DM’d you. Cheers!


Looks like i need to get rig building… over the last 3 weeks i have managed to accumulate 66 RX580 cards, 8 rigs with 8 cards per rig and somehow a couple to spare ?? I think that will be me done for a while now… that’ll be 11 8 card rigs in total… hash power yo…lets hope the ETH price starts to creep back up in the not so distant future…:money_mouth_face:


You haven’t got those rigs up and running yet! What’s the hold up?

I hope you have planned for electric and cooling. I know when I first started building out our rigs I started slow because I knew we would hit a cooling problem.


have no fear… the rigs are not all going in one place… scattered at various locations at around 4 rigs per site. That way i get around both the cooling and power issues. all managed remotely using three sources, Team viewer just in case i need to get on the miner, USB Watchdogs to auto reboot the miner in the event of a lock up… and WiFi controlled smart plugs that i can switch on / off via my mobile…

All rigs are set to auto boot on power loss and Claymore set to delay start by 60 seconds just in case its a config issue. Voila… job done. I’ll update yu on hash power once they are all up and running.


Love the post, and thanks for the info. Can you do this Bios upgrade on the rig or do you need to perform this upgrade to the BIOS individually to each gpu offline on another windows computer one at a time?


Hey @arkeo7. The BIOS needs to be done individually to each GPU and its recommended that you only have one GPU active when you carry out the upgrade. Personally i have everything plugged in and tested first to test all the cards, make sure windows load drivers and Claymore detects all cards, then shut down Windows and plug out all the USB cables from all PCIe risers apart from the one you want to BIOS. Boot back up and update the card, shut down and do the same until all cards are updated.

That way your not messing with cables and re detecting cards etc.

On another note, take at least two original BIOS backups. Reason for this is I had an 8 card rig, backup up the BIOS of card one which happened to be faulty and ended up with 8 faulty cards… DOH… with two backups you have a better chance of getting one thats OK :grinning:

NOTE 2 :- before you do anything… check each card in GPUz to make sure they all have the same RAM… just because there the same cards does not mean they have the same components and each memory type will have a different BIOS… again… learn that from my mistakes…:disappointed:

Good luck and happy mining…


Hey Pigsfoot- I created an account just to thank you for your advice on the RX-580. I have a rig with 4 FROZR RX-580s and have been using EthOS and got about 25.5 out of each card using the default settings/BIOS and drivers but I really wanted to use Windows. After messing with Claymore, the BEST I could get out of each card was about 17. I tried setting changes, BIOS updates, drivers and all only made very slight improvements. I saw that you mentioned adjusting the settings to Compute in the AMD app. Just doing that alone made my cards shoot up to 24.6! I would like to see if I can get it around 30 but I will take 25 for now!

Thanks again,


Thanks man… glad i can be of some help. I haven’t used FROZR cards myself but i have got Sapphire Nitro’s Sapphire Pulse, Gigabtye Gamer and Asus Dual cards in 5 of my own rigs now and all of them run at least 30 Mhs. The Sapphire Nitros and Gigaytes run at around 31.5 :smiley:

Let me know if i can be of any more help, although it sounds like you have done everything i do. One thing i have found is the latest version of the GPU drivers seem to run slower than older versions, personally i use version Crimson 17.11.1. Download the full version at around 300 mb and that way it wont update.Only other thing to try is the card speeds, All my rigs apart from the Nitros and Gigaybte run ( claymore mclock setting ) at around 2040, the Nitros and Gigabytes run at 2130 and they’re all super stable. Power wise, all my rigs are 8 cards and run at around 1240 watts.

Hope it helps, if you want i can post the config i use in Claymore.



I hadn’t used them before either but I found new, 8gb 580s for ~300$ on Amazon and couldn’t pass them up! I bought 10 of em.

Here is my Claymore settings, like I said, I usually mine with Linux or EthOS but Window is just so much easier for remote admin and quick setting changes.

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal xxxxxxxxxxxx.1 -epsw x -dpool -dwal xxxxxxxxxxxxx.1 -dpsw x -dcri 25 -etha 0 -cclock 1190 -mclock 2130 -mvddc 940 -cvddc 960 -tt -60 -fanmin 50 -platform 1 -powlim 20 -gser 2 -dcri 6

Let me know if you see any glaring issues, the cards seem to fluctuate between 22 and 26 but nothing close to 30 or even what I was getting in EthOS.

If you need more info or screenshots of TRIXX or MSI AB, let me know. I am 3d printing some mounts for the rig frame I am designing/building so once its together I will post some pics too.



hi pigsfoot, i have recently been getting excited at the prospect of building my own mining rig, that was until i realised it seems to be impossible to get hold of any GPUs. I have not build a PC since i was 17 and that was almost 20 years ago but all seems pretty simple apart from the bios setups which i will probably need help with.
Just wanted to ask where are you managing to get hold of Rx580s here in the uk, i have almost given up looking and sacked off the whole idea but i really want to give it a crack. i have only found secondhand ones that im not sure about. Only really got £1500 to spend right now but hopefully looking to grow my rig as i get more spare cash.
would also apprieciate any advice on a setup for my budget (motherboard, ram, processor, power supply, hard drive)



At the moment 1070ti cards are selling for $950 aud. I can pick up a rx580 for $600. That’s a no brainer to me. Popularity of the Nvidia cards have pushed prices up :frowning:


Hey @Pigsfoot,

I’ve been lurking this post for a few weeks, and am very impressed with your knowledge. Im hoping you or someone else can help me troubleshoot an issue I’m having with a rig.

I have 2x 8 card rigs atm (although running 7cards until bigger PSU arrives), both running rx 580, 8gb, flashed bios, overclocked memory, undervolted core. Rig 1 is great, sapphire pulse cards, win 10, hashing stably at 30.5ish. I could probably push the mem clock but all of my attention has been focused on a different challenge…Rig 2 has been a beast. I’ve had to start over troubleshooting a couple times. 7x MSI rx 580gb cards and 1 powercooler red devil card. It was running stable at a hash rate of 25-27 per card with overclock/undervolt, but then I decided to flash the bios for some extra hash rate and haven’t been able to get it stable at high hash rates since. I’ve tried most current drivers as well blockchain drivers, but had lots of crashes and couldn’t OC using 3rd party apps.

Anyway, right now I’ve given up on windows for this machine and switched to ethOS. I’m think I’m stable with 6 cards running, lightly overclocked (2100 mem), stock voltage…but my hash rates are low. For the MSI cards, in the 23/24 range, certain cards even less. Bios for all cards were flashed already while on windows, so I’d expect hash rates more like 28/29 with current settings.

Any advice would be welcomed.


try at …they have beautifully prices … i ordered from them today 2 Eth rigs


i have managed to pick up some zotac geforce gtx 1060 6gb card for £260 each, will do for my first rig. just ordered all the rest of the parts and will start building rig next week. lets hope i can get it all going first time with no problems.


Hi guys.
This is my first post here.
I have been looking around the net for some good, current information on the RX 580 8GB cards for mining eth and came across this thread and decided to join in the conversation.
I have a 6 card rig with 3 MSI gaming x 8GB and 3 sapphire pulse 8GB cards running on a Maximus Hero Vlll board I had.
At first I thought I had 2 sets of identical cards but it turns out one of the pulses has samsung memory instead of the ususal hynix which the rest of the cards have. The samsung memory runs about 1.5 M/hs faster than the other cards with the same settings and it took me ages to figure out why. I kept dumping the rom to flash the other cards hoping they would pick up the pace :stuck_out_tongue:
I now have all the cards running just over 31 M/hs with a special thanks to Pigsfoot and all the other contributors on here.
I did a fair bit of trial and error also and recorded the differences I noticed making changes up and down and adjusting accordingly.
I have yet to see if the effective hash rate matches the reported hash rate but I will know more tomorrow if it hasn’t crashed :slight_smile:
My settings might look a bit crazy,especially in the mclock settings, but we will see. They are a fair bit different to everyone else.
I found the mclock steps to only be effective in steps of 20. I don’t know why.
Actual Watts per card 110W
Total Watts from the wall 835W
Oh,and the rig is whisper quiet. Check out the fan speeds and temps.
Here is my .bat file:
EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x03BEF224EAf3b41c18DAE95282a611879cf9c77d -epsw x -mode 1 -etha 0 -cclock 1150,1150,1160,1160,1160,1160 -mclock 2220,2120,2200,2200,2200,2200 -mvddc 850,850,850,850,850,850 -cvddc 840,840,840,840,840,840 -tt 60 -platform 1 -powlim 20

Any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:
You can see the card with the samsung memory is GPU1 (the second card ) which I have underclocked to match the others.


@munternet congrats on getting the rig running so well.

Couple of suggestions, in your config file where you have the same values for mvddc and cvddc you can remove all but one settings and that will apply it to all cards, i.e. -mvddc 850 -cvddc 840 -tt 60. also makes looking at teh config file slightly easier :smiley:

I would also remove the -powlin setting,. I have since found it doesn’t really add any extra hash power but it will increase power costs slightly.

Lastly, add in -eres 3. As you have 8 Gb cards this will allocated a bit more ram to the GPU buffer to allow DAG updates to swap more smoothly.

Other than that, awsome job. :+1:


Hi Pigsfoot
I really liked your initial thread post :smiley:
and thanks for the quick reply.
Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I would need individual volt settings so I left those in, just in case because I’m a painfully slow typer :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the heads up on the other settings, I will change that now.
Thanks again for the input :slight_smile:

Windows 10 pro
AMD Blockchain driver

Final .bat file:
EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x03BEF224EAf3b41c18DAE95282a611879cf9c77d -epsw x -mode 1 -etha 0 -cclock 1150,1160,1160,1160,1160,1160 -mclock 2220,2120,2200,2200,2200,2200 -mvddc 850 -cvddc 840 -tt 60 -platform 1 -eres 3